How to get 37 games for the price of one

BT Games: "Armed with the recommended retail price-worth of cash, we set out to buy as many good games as possible – and we got a lot."

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brich2332807d ago

The Humble Bundle - for pc though.

stragomccloud2807d ago

You don't keep PlayStation+ though.

xHeavYx2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I'm subscribed till 2016, so I could care less about how long I get to keep the games for

T22807d ago

you keep it if you are smart and like free games.

stragomccloud2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Or you buy more games on PC than what is even offered on PS+ and you know, keep the games, and for a price smaller than the yearly price of entry. Oh, and you'll keep the games forever without having to worry about "next gen" hardware making the system incapable of running older titles.

And no. They are not "free games" if you pay to rent them. Multiplayer has been and always will be free on PC, so it just seems silly to pay for it on a closed platform like such as a console.

stragomccloud2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Sorry, I've noticed that I mistakenly omitted a word from my original post. It should have read that you don't keep PlayStation+ games.

By the way, the blind fanboyism here is pretty disturbing.Sony fanboys actually believe that rental games are as good as multigenerational games that work out to be the same price or cheaper, and can be kept.

xHeavYx2806d ago

I've heard that dumb "you don't keep the games" argument before, but for how long do you need to keep a game like, let's say, DmC? I finished it in a week and never played it again.
You still don't think it saves you money? Take a read

stragomccloud2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

There are some games you might want to replay, some games you probably wouldn't. For the games that I don't think I'll replay, I'll wait until they're about $2 on steam. that's not an exaggeration.

Besides, for everything in a humblebundle, you only need to pay $5-6. To get the minimum of what is in a humble bundle, you only need to pay $1.

I once bought Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition, Scribblenauts: Unlimited, Mortal Kombat collection, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Fear 2, and Fear 3 with all DLC together for only $5. And this isn't the first time I've received so much for my money.

Besides, there is no way that every single rental actual appeals to you. So the number really means nothing.

I'm sorry but your argument is invalid. There's a reason that gamers really start dabbling in PC never go back to console games(Except for the exclusives).

jacksons982806d ago

When you get $500-1000+ worth of content for a $25-50 year subscription I don't think anyone is complaining about being able to keep it.
It's like saying Netflix doesn't let you keep the movies. Well no freakin **duh**

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Gamer19822806d ago

I hate lists that include things like Mega drive collection as 28 games though. Sure its got 28 games on it but its 1 game nowadays as nobody spends the amount of time on one of those titles as they used to in fact they probably wont spend as much time combined on those titles as some single games. Its a cop out to boost your number.

marloc_x2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

▶I think it's kind of hurting studios..? ◀

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sorane2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Please explain how you can get 37 games for the price of one with ps+. Last time I knew you don't actually own the games unless you're paying for it. Also don't you only get 1 or 2 games a month? That would cost a whole lot more for 37 games than $60-$70 and even then you don't own them when you stop paying for ps+.

FunAndGun2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Actually you would get 64 games a year for $50...

I don't care about ownership, because I have played them all, I can still play them all, and plan on having a Plus membership for the life of my PS4...and possibly after that if it continues.

sonerone2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

but actually after the first time u subscribe for ps plus u will never stop paying for it because it's just worth the money every year, also it's needed for ps4 multi player. so it's almost like u own them

sorane2807d ago

OK but it's still wayyyy more expensive than 1 game because you have to pay for ps+ every month for the rest of your life to have them. Doesn't even come close to the cost of one game for those.

xHeavYx2807d ago

Keep grasping at straws as much as you want, but I buy my membership yearly, so it's $50 (even less if there is a discount)

arkard2807d ago

I bought 3 years worth of plus on black friday. 30 $ each. So for 2 years ill pay 60 $ and get 120 + games. You think I care if I dont "own" them at that price?

sorane2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


Ok if you think I'm grasping at straws then please explain to me how you can get 37 games for $60-$70 with ps+. Seems to me that you ps fanboys are the ones grasping because my math doesn't come anywhere near the cost of one retail game by using the ps+ format. Remember you can't go over the price of one retail game. With the math you used it's $100 just to be able to play the games for 2 years which is much higher than 1 retail game also. Please explain to me where my math is wrong heavy. Last I knew ps+ was a rental service and you had to keep paying monthly fees just to access the rented games which adds up month after month to no end.

xHeavYx2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

First of all, PS+ costs $50 yearly, not $60 or $70, second, you were already provided a link above (this one showing that 64 games were given for free.
So, if you value the 64 games at $1 each (I'm obviously under valuating games) then you would have saved $64 already.
Want more? Let's review some of the latest games on PS+. Uncharted 3 costs $20 at GameStop ($10 if you get it used), DmC also costs $20 ($18 used) Bioshock Infinite costs $30 ($25 used). So, that's $70 if you buy the games new and $53 if you buy the games used. That's only 3 games and the cost of your subscription is already paid off

sorane2806d ago


That makes no sense.

"First of all, PS+ costs $50 yearly, not $60 or $70," Never said it did cost $60 or $70 a year I said that's how much a new retail game cost like the article suggests.

"(this one showing that 64 games were given for free." They're not free in any sense of the word. You have to pay every single month to play those, but for some reason you don't want to add up those costs. Not sure you understand what the word "free" actually means. If I watch a movie on netflix today it costs me about $12 for the monthly fee. If I want to watch the exact same movie on netflix the next month guess what, I have to pay another monthly fee. Do I consider those movies free because I can rent and watch them as much as I want as long as I'm paying the subscription? Not on my life. Not sure why anyone would ever think they were free. I know my bank account doesn't, and I have the same access to tens of thousands of movies there as you have access to those 64 games. So do you also consider netflix movies free? I have Gravity and American Hustle coming tomorrow. Do I consider my subscription paid for because those are $20 movies to buy? Nope and neither does my bank account. It's simple math that you just don't seem to understand.

Done with this thread since I'm out of bubbles and you keep talking nonsense without ever coming close to showing a way to get 37 games for the price of one retail game with ps+. Monthly subscription fees add too the cost of those games even if you refuse to believe it. Also those games aren't any more free than a netflix movie which no one in there right mind would think is free.

xHeavYx2806d ago

It's like talking to a wall. Once you pay $50 for a year subscription of PS+, there are no monthly fees, so I have no idea what you are talking about, and even though the games are not "free", the amount of money you save is higher than what you would spend for the individual games

BitbyDeath2806d ago

You pay Ps+ yearly not monthly. So you don't pay every month but every year. And if you take advantage of deals you only need to pay every few years.

Secondly nothing is free, even free TV you pay electricity to watch it yet they still call it free to air TV. So define it however you want.

SmielmaN2806d ago

Sorane- I really struck a nerve there with my 4 word comment eh? Why does that upset you so much? I've been on PS+ from the first week it came out and I've received access to soooo many games and discounts on so many others that it's unreal I've personally shown the value to a number of friends who game on PS3/4 and they signed up the next day.

I'm the type of guy who would buy every big title that came out and love the digital indie stuff. I also used to rent quite a bit (when I was younger and didn't make as much as I do now) so to me $50 a year (or less when it's on sale) is just getting access to a crazy amount of games that maybe I played and traded in already and games that I didn't want to drop the cash on but did want to play. I've even played games in genres I didn't think I would like and enjoyed them immensely.

That's the point of PS+, you get to play loads of dif games and developers get to show gamers what they can do and appear generous for letting the game go to subscribers for "free". Take a few ibuprofen for that case of butt hurt and please place me on your ignore list. You are now on mine.

faysal2806d ago

you are the most retarded person i have come across... first of all you get minimum of 6 new games every month across ps3,vita and ps4. second of all there is no monthly payment to download these (free) games as they are part of ps+. now you can either buy 1years ps+ subs or 3months subs its up to you.
i dont understand how you can even talk about ps+ when you dont EVEN own playstation nor do you EVEN have ps+. perfect example of (talking out of my ass)

rainslacker2806d ago

I could maybe make sense of your argument, and others like you who keep clinging to this "you don't own it" argument, except for one glaring flaw to your argument.

When you continue to pay for PS+, you not only get to keep the games, but you also get another 50-60 games on the following years. More games than most people will likely play in a year. It's cheaper than renting, it's cheaper than buying games used, and it's cheaper than buying new games and trading them in quickly for store credit. Everything about PS+ is a good value, regardless of if you get to keep the game after your subscription ends.

So no the games aren't free. But neither are the 37 games brought for $60-70. Practically free is a better term.

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sonerone2807d ago

wow, and this site gave 6/10 for infamous... really seems like they know what people want...

MidnytRain2807d ago

Next we should have an article on how we can get any game at all for the price of nothing.

mydyingparadiselost2807d ago

Ssshhhhh... You don't want Petey the Piracy Platypus to show up and start giving lectures, do you?!?

aquamala2807d ago

easy to do with humble bundles, you own these games and don't need to keep paying a subscription

Mr Tretton2807d ago

B-b-but, Praystashon Prus!!!

T22807d ago

playstation plus is crazy good value, but you continue to not get it if that makes you feel better. changed my buying habits from about 2 games per month to about 1, that alone saves me hundreds of dollars per year. and I was already paying for xbl anyway, minus free games.

Mr Tretton2806d ago

You know what saved me a bunch of money for (PC) games? Not buying a PS4.

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