PSA: Resistance – Last Chance To Fight With The Resistance Before Servers Shutdown Forever

MP1st - We are approaching the final days, as Sony is set to close down servers for all the Resistance titles later this week.

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coolbeans1766d ago

It's funny to see this as the first pending news article I see just after picking up the Resistance Trilogy from my friend. Maybe I'll see some of you n4gers on there during the week.

Mr_cheese1766d ago

I really enjoyed the first Resistance, especially the online component

Nitrowolf21766d ago

The online for the first game was perfect IMO. It had everything many MP lack still today. Fully functional clan system, in-game messaging/friends list, rankign system fro the clan, and overall enjoyable maps and gameplay. Gonna miss the first one, the other ones, not so much. 2 had great co-op, 3 had the best story I think.

URNightmare1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

So many fun memories with Fall Of Man's online! I used to play CTF with a bunch of friends. I think RFOM had the best mp in the resistance series. The co-op in R2 was good too. Never finished R3.

johndoe112111766d ago

For me it was the 8 player co-op in resistance 2, I have never found another co-op player as good as that ever. A lot of people, myself included, were really pissed that they took that out of part 3. It didn't make any sense because up to a couple of months ago you couldn't find anyone on the online multiplayer for the others but there were still a lot of people playing that online co-op in part 2.

Aldous_Snow1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

They need to make number 4 or tell it from another perspective Loved all 3 of these games. Resistance: Fall of Man is the game that made me buy a PS3 back in the day.

Just hand it to another studio Sony & bring this badboy back to life

URNightmare1766d ago

YES!!! They need fresh ideas. Resistance is a good franchise. I hope they come up with R4.

farhsa20081766d ago

I just want a new resistance game

Applejack1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It will be a sad day when the servers finally shutdown. Resistance Fall of Man was my first ever online game and I had SO MUCH fun with it! It was a perfect online experience unlike many games today. I remember how popular it was playing melee only CTF and how silly that looks now lol. It will be missed.

memots1766d ago

I think it's bs , it says on the box multiplayer , I don't understand how company can get away with this. I'll admit I didn't play much online resistance apart from number 2 but what if I feel the itch again ?¿ this sucks

DCfan1766d ago

Someone will probably re-open the servers, people like the guy who is holding PSO and RE outbreak's servers on their own.
Even MGO2 has people re-opening the servers now, but if u wanna play that, u have to use CFW on your PS3.

blackblades1765d ago

Doubt you feel that itch again, people always say something like that, even me.

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The story is too old to be commented.