WEBZEN reveals four more Huxley screenshots

Huxley is a new Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter from Webzen. The game will be available on both Xbox 360 and PC early next year. Today, the developer revealed four more screenshots of the PC version of the game.

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willud4skins4452d ago

BUT those screens do not look very good to me.

fablex4452d ago

Well, it isnt that good looking, but in movement it always looks better :P check the trailer

willud4skins4452d ago

im really not all that impressed.

Dlacy13g4452d ago

I am not "impressed" by it visually either when comparing it to other titles out on the 360 and PC. That said when you compare it to other MMO's then it starts to feel impressive. Visually this is as good or better than any of the MMO's out currently.

Marriot VP4452d ago

depends on what the reviews get, if their 9's than I'll get it, but I doubt that.

fablex4452d ago

I'll get it if it doesnt require a monthly fee only.

Marriot VP4452d ago

that's what the Live fee is for, to keep developers pumping out supreme online experiences.