Deus Ex: Human Revolution Recreated In Unreal Engine, Looks Just As Good As The Game's Concept Art

DSOGaming writes: "Polycount’s member ‘knj’ has recreated Dr Megan Reed’s office – from Deus Ex: Human Revolution – in Unreal Engine. And holy boy does it look sexy. knj has managed to perfectly match the art style and the atmosphere of the concept art. The first image below is the concept art and the two others are from the in-engine map."

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imtheman20131670d ago

Human Revolution was one of my favorite games in 2012. Very good stealth mechanics coupled with fantastic atmosphere set a really nice pace for the plot. Loved every second of it, though in the Director's Cut, I'm glad they added non-confrontational means of taking down the bosses.

Yukicore1670d ago

But dat framerate tho...

Hassassin1669d ago

I'd love to play a game with this "concept art" feel

Mr Tretton1669d ago

Now if they can only get rid of aliasing.