Press Start to play: The end of splitscreen gaming?

A closer look at how splitscreen gaming went from gaming mainstay to neglected sideshow as the cloud took over - but with the rise of second screen experiences in the living room, it might just be on the way back. A game of TowerFall, anyone?

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ricochetmg1697d ago

DEAD SINCE 05 ? But we want it back. At least some games offer online split screen . ( halo )

ErcsYou1697d ago

I've decided that the best option for local 2 player is buying another TV and console. COD supports split screen but I really really really dislike sharing a screen.

Enigma_20991697d ago

So you'd rather buy another console, plus TV, plus copy of the game so you can do the 2 player co op thing?

Ladies and gentlemen, the REAL reason they're killing split screen... double the sales!

Remy_S1697d ago

It was hard enough finding split-screen games last gen and I fear this gen it will be next to impossible.


Good old split screen, so many memories. I loved to play games that had split screen, so me and my cousin can play especially co-op like the Twisted Metal 4 series . Even sharing the same full screen like bomberman, fighting force, crash bash, etc.

Clown_Syndr0me1697d ago

I miss split screen so much. Got 2 PS4 controllers and 2 X1 controllers and no opportunities to use them both.