Is Infamous: Second Son A PS4 System Seller?

As if the systems needs any help selling, but tomorrow will show us what the PS4 can really do. How well do you foresee Infamous: Second Son being tomorrow?

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Hatsune-Miku2373d ago

Yes it is. It's an amazing game

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BX812373d ago

Idk. The past two weren't really system sellers from what I remember. Good games though.
@ Ezz2013
You're absolutely right. At this point Sony doesn't need a system seller. A huge luxury.

Kingthrash3602373d ago

the ps4 = ps4 system seller. nuff said.
no need for over hyping EVERYTHING.

3-4-52373d ago

I think MLB The Show 14 is more of a system seller than Infamous: SS, but I'm sure this game moved a few units.

psman0122373d ago

It looks amazing, but I don't have a PS4 yet. This is gonna sounds crazy, but I will be more proactive towards getting a PS4 once more indie developers make/port games to it. I would LOVE to play RUST and especially The Forest on PS4.

webeblazing2373d ago

if you buy any system for one game you must have money to blow. i never brought a ps for one game. ps always had a wide selection of exclusive that interested me, thats why i brought it. if a console only have a few games i want to play i wait to more games come out or just play it over my friends house.

Magicite2373d ago

Lets wait for official numbers for March. I bet X1 along with Titanfall will be destroyed.

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SourShoes2373d ago

I think it might be, especially for people who have played the series. I remember buying inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 together and playing them concurrently. The story and characters in UC2 were surely better than inFAMOUS, but not the gameplay. I had way more fun with inFAMOUS. Obviously, UC2 was much more critically acclaimed.

It seems the reviewers keep griping about I:SS' gameplay being "not next-gen enough" and issues with morality choices in the plot. Casuals will say "f*ck that, it doesn't score as well as BF4 or TF." I'm just not sure what people mean by next-gen gameplay. I:SS looks great to me. I would take what I've seen in spoilers over anything else right now. Of course, I don't have a throbbing woody for FPS like it seems the majority of gamers and journalists do in the past few years.

Unfortunately, I don't think the game will sell as well as it deserves. Perhaps its not mainstream enough.

TheVideoGamHer2373d ago

Idk. People are looking forward to stuff to play on their new shiny system. I'm sure right timing will help the sells a bunch.

TheTowelBoy2373d ago

Didn't read.. your profile pic... upvote....

KentBlake2373d ago

The PS4 is its own system seller. It's always out of stock everywhere since launch.

Kiwi662373d ago

Then try EB Games here in New Zealand if you want a PS4 they have them in stock

Kiwi662373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

To those who disagree simply check out their website at and see for yourself then tell me i'm wrong i swear some people are to quick to not believe something just because they can't find any in their town simply doesn't mean they can't be found elsewhere around the world

KentBlake2373d ago

New Zealand? That's hardly worldwide availability.

I live in Brazil, and it's available here, too...mostly because it costs almost US$ 2000 around here.

I bought mine from Amazon before launch, but most of my friends still don't have one because they can only find it at this ridiculous brazilian price.

AutoCad2373d ago

It should be,its the only must get game out now on the system.

mkis0072373d ago

To be fair that is pretty much the norm for a consoles first 6 months...if anything the indies have actuallly made this console launch dramatically better than any before.
It wasnt until mid 2008 that last gen started to pull out the big guns. It is why everyone keeps saying wait till 2015-16.

HeWhoWalks2373d ago

Pay him no mind, he's known to slight the PS4 when the chance permits.

OT: Yes, very much so. The sales numbers should also reflect this.

AutoCad2373d ago

@mkis True, MLB the show is what im waiting for.
Im hoping the servers are fixed or at least better than previous games.

Sy_Wolf2373d ago

It helped sell me a PS4, that and Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica. Although the $100 less than an Xbox One didn't hurt. I'll get an Xbox One eventually though for my Halo and maybe Gears.

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