Making your Xbox 360 HD DVD drive PC-compatible

Experimentalists at UNEASYsilence have outlined how you can turn the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive into a Windows-compatible HD DVD drive -- all you need are the proper drivers. If that wasn't enough, they disassembled the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive to find the exact model (Toshiba HD-DVD OEM drive) and to see if there might be some way to connect the drive directly to a computer, as opposed to using the USB connection (there's not, due to the "strangest plug ... we have ever seen" on the back of the Toshiba drive).

Mac users may be delighted to know that Apple computers instantly recognize the HD DVD drive when plugged in, but unfortunately no player exists that can play HD DVD in MacOS exists yet; however, DVD works fine and it's only a matter of time before someone writes the proper software. UNEASYsilence also has a plethora of pictures from when they tore apart the drive, if you're curious as to the inner workings of the latest Xbox 360 toy.

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BIadestarX4454d ago

Now this is what I call choice. Sony's fanboys can talk all the want about but a $200 for an HD-DVD drive that works on the 360 and on a PC is great. I guess not having an integrated HD-DVD player it's not so bad after all, ehh?