Wii-DVD Playback Confirmed

It's written in stone now. No erasies. No take-backs. Nintendo's just selected Sonic Solutions to bring DVD-movie viewing capabilities in a future version of the Wii, sometime during the latter half of 2007 (and not only in Japan, as previously confirmed).

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potato4453d ago

i think Nintendo might add DVD RW to the future version of the Wii....that'll be sweet ^-^

calderra4453d ago

Welcome to the next gen!
Assuming you live two gens ago.

Seriously, would it have killed them to include this out of the box? The system HAS a drive- why not a DVD drive?

bfchickenchaser4453d ago

Wait, i'm confused. Does that mean that sometime next year they'll release a new version of wii which can play DVD's or does that mean that sometime next year they'll release something an attachment or something you can download that will play DVDs?

SjaakHaas4452d ago

you cant download a attachment... :D

bung tickler4453d ago

well its settled if they are already planning a new version of the wii in less than a year why on earth would i buy one now when i can play the best game for it (zelda) on my gamecube... nintendo is dumb..... but the are still my favorite... sigh.