Exploring Wolfenstein: The New Order - On a Train to Berlin

Bethesda :

"Watch an early scene from Wolfenstein: The New Order. In this video, BJ Blazkowicz has an unexpected run in with one of Wolfenstein's most cunning villains, Frau Engel."

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madpuppy1765d ago

Looks like Frau Engel would chew you up and spit you out before you even had a chance to defend yourself.

If you thought that Nazis are evil then you haven't seen this Female Nazi in action. This chick would scare the one nut right out of Hitler's lederhosen!

Derekvinyard131765d ago

Lol agree, this game is looking really good

CanadianTurtle1765d ago

Wow, that was amazing! I'm double hyped now after seeing this