Developer overwhelmed, puts Super Action Squad on hold after raising $50K

Posted by Tyler Colp on March 19, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments
Budget constraints, lack of experience, and too many promised features have caused developer Exploding Rabbit to put Super Action Squad on hold after raising over $50,000 on Kickstarter to make it, according to a post by the company’s CEO Jay Pavlina.

The game will be on hold while Exploding Rabbit works on smaller games, according to the post. It will continue development when it’s “in a better position to make it.”

The developer asks backers to contact them about refunds, but makes no promises that they’ll be filled.

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wallis1673d ago

I'd be pretty pissed if I backed this. He seems to mention the promised extras as a real problem but to me putting it on hold after having gone through funds seems like a real mismanagement of peoples' time and investment. He doesn't technically owe them anything, and you acknowledge all these risks as a backer beforehand, but there is still an element of trust and I can't help but feel it's been mishandled here.

cleft51673d ago

This won't give Kickstarter a bad name, but it will make it really hard for new indie developers seeking funding on kickstarter. As an indie developer, stuff like this really piss me off because I am working so hard on getting everything together for my game and I will be funding so much of the game by myself that it upsets me to no end to know that a potential source of funding for me is in jeopardy because of these actions.

You put your all into making a product you believe and then you hear about this team that was fortunate to get the funding for their game and they blow the opportunity. The reality is that with the money they got they could have hired on one or two more people and made the game. Then they could have rolled out features over time. Instead they are doing this, it's just so wrong a disrespectful to the people that believe in your game enough to provide you with funding. The people that did provide them with funding has every right to be upset like you said.

DiscoKid1673d ago

I hear you, man, but I'm pretty sure this backer mentality won't go anywhere. I say if you have gameplay, you'll be good.

3-4-51673d ago

One NFL player doing something horrible isn't going to make fans not watch Football ever again.

Hopefully people are just cautious but still optimistic when supporting these indie dev's.

This shouldn't negatively effect anybody but those people at this indie dev studio.

They owe these people a game or their money back, one or the other. Now get to it.

XXXL1673d ago

LOL. And I thought enhanced trailers were shady. Just straight up robbery here. Scumbags.

MoveTheGlow1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

You can tell this wasn't the original intent, though. The CEO had been around for a while under the Exploding Rabbit name, creating free iteration after free iteration of Super Mario Crossover. Some developers just aren't good managers, and this guy just figured that out. Time's money, the project took too long, and he couldn't pay his staff for their time anymore.

"It is obvious in the video that I was excited about the project and was dreaming big, but I was too ignorant to realize that what I was promising would cost way more money than I was asking for and would take a very long time without a more experienced team."

I wouldn't call that robbery. I'd call that backing someone who didn't know what he was doing. If he robbed anyone, it was the people he was trying to pay but couldn't.

Enigma_20991673d ago

Uhh... no. You don't do that. Crooks!

DiscoKid1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I'm still trying to figure out how this got funded that much in the first place. Their campaign showed literally NOTHING but a guy talking about what he wants to do.

Really, it's the backers' fault for being too damned believing. I frequent Kickstarter often and one thing I notice is that lots of backers tend to be extremely gullible and kiss-ass, even when something wrong is in plain site. I really don't understand some of the KS community. Philanthropy is one thing, and complete idiocy is another.

Look for proof of concepts before you start pledging like a madman. 50k is more than enough for a mediocre game like that and he really couldn't pay some talent to finish (or start) the job? Scumbag.

MoveTheGlow1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Well, Super Mario Crossover is why people supported him - I'm pretty sure most of the backers didn't take the whole "He's going to pay people for the first time and actually manage a budget" thing seriously enough. As one independent dude who borrowed plenty of assets from Nintendo-based franchises, he really did produce in SMBC.

He figured out the hard way, I think, that not every person he hired produces on that level. That's why they didn't get stuff done in time, I get that. And then you're stuck - you still have to pay those people, or maybe pay them less, meaning at best they're working other jobs and aren't giving their all, and at worst they just don't care anymore. Or get rid of them, and then what? Can't recruit with money you wasted on someone who couldn't produce.

Still, it's his fault as a hiring manager and planner. I don't think the backers really thought out that whole "coders aren't always managers" thing.

DiscoKid1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Ohhh pretty good point. I forgot that important detail.

Enigma_20991672d ago

If you're not prepared to handle the pressure of living up to a Kicktarter campaign, DON'T START A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!!!

MoveTheGlow1672d ago

True, Enigma. He did start it in the Wild West of Kickstarter, near the beginning. Backers really were "early adopters" of the service as opposed to now, where hopefully devs will read up on success/failure cases before starting out. But back then, where complete amateurs were getting their stuff approved, at least this guy had something deliverable from the past going into it. He just found out that management is a beast of a thing.