Engadget "Using the PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus"

Via Engadget "The cat's out of the bag and ... uh, on our head? Okay, we can do better than that, but what we're trying to say is that we just used Sony's new Playstation 4 virtual reality headset: Project Morpheus. You already know the specs and all that good stuff, we're here to tell you what it's like using the still-in-prototype-form virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. Good news: it's pretty great! Surprise!"

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PoSTedUP1675d ago

sounds good. someone else said its really comfortable, i guess depending on your head size. they can only go Up from here. man its gonna be Epic i just know it. : D

darthv721675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Sega had a really nice looking prototype for their Sega VR years ago:

Here was Atari's:

I can imagine this with PS Home on the PS4. Walking around and seeing all your virtual friends in their apartments.

This could breathe a 2nd life into that social environment.

PoSTedUP1675d ago

nice lol. sega's looks cool. and yeah ive been dreaming about PShome and VR. id be happy just walking around the spaces, especially the locoroco ship and chochobo island. VR paradise ^_^.

fenome1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Nice dude!

I just used your links in a post I made about how the concept of VR has been in the works for a long time, but it was just a matter of technology catching up. It's not like it just happened over-night :p

morganfell1675d ago

Are you going to talk about Sega's dead project in every Morpheus thread? It's tiresome...and it's rather blatant as well.

You are one of the most consistent low level trollers in Sony threads. Yes it is that obvious and regardless of what you think of your own actions or what you tell yourself they are patently clear to everyone else.

The fact that you eventually say something decent and then use the jab of Home is known as stealth trolling.

As regards real impressions, here are some more journalists and developers comments on Morpheus. Even Polygon had to admit Sony nailed it.

"What currently sets Morpheus apart from what I've done with oculus is the clarity of very near and far as well as full body tracking, and overall comfort of course. "

"I didn't even think about that I was wearing it until I got asked in an interview."

Sony does have some tracking to tighten up but they did confirm that it will not launch this year so there is ample time.

starchild1675d ago

@ morganfell

Its pretty obvious you are on some kind of campaign to convince people Sony's VR headset is better than the Oculus Rift, but it simply isn't true.

Here's a quote from the article pertaining to that:

"There are still some pretty major issues to overcome in Project Morpheus. Vision blur, for instance, is a much bigger problem on Morpheus than on Crystal Cove/Rift DK2. The screen resolution is also clearly not as high as DK2, making everything a bit muddier, visually speaking."

morganfell1675d ago

No not on a campaign. On that account you are wrong. I looked at the majority of the remarks and the biggest issue point out was the tracking and most felt it was a refinement/calibration effort.

And the other point in my comment, thanks for conveniently sidestepping that issue.

Coming from you with your post history of attempting to convince people on an issue, *cough* PC *cough*, you remarks are a real gem.

HugoDrax1675d ago

I used the Sega one playing Mortal Kombat, literally in the middle of using it the device started smoking.

I took my jaguar back to the store after I beat Aliens vs Predator, so I never used nor seen their VR headset in person.

darthv721675d ago

@hugo, did you use it at a trade show because it was never officially released. Same with the Jag one.

And morgan, you are right. no need for me to bring up the past. Especially a dead project like sega vr.

And im not sure where you think im trolling about Home (or were you???) but there is genuine interest with using this with that service. the added VR support would make wandering about in the game spaces something of real intrigue.

Neonridr1674d ago

@HugoDrax - are you sure you weren't talking about the VictorMaxx Stuntmaster helmet? That worked with Sega Genesis games, but the Sega VR never did release.

scott1821674d ago

Nice some people like Sony's more, some people like Oculus more. I'm glad VR is coming out on the PS4 and PC, it will be really fun to experience it!

XisThatKid1674d ago


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sak5001674d ago

Another DOA product from sony like failed betamax, minidisc, wand for ps3, eyetoy, and this gimick. At least kinect can let all people around you see what you're playing and upto 4 people can be tracked. With this already lonely fanboys will be even lonelier in their lives.

I'm glad to have ordered a 64" 3D HDTV can't wait till it comes in 5 days. this POS can take a nose dive for all i care.

BallsEye1674d ago

So you need pseye and 2 move controllers to make it work? Well F*** me...

maniacmayhem1675d ago

This looks likes it will play absolute havoc on your forward head posture.

PoSTedUP1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

another hands-on said its really lightweight for it being only a prototype, even lighter than the new OR.

Neonridr1675d ago

I am sure the final unit will only get lighter as the build material changes from each iteration.

darthv721675d ago

It just took us 20 years to get here....but yeah. We are finally here.

PoSTedUP1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

i always think of squidward in the fetal position of the chrome-future episode whenever i hear future: "f-fuuuutuurrree...f-f-fu uuttuurrrree"

GW2121675d ago

Still a long way away from the VR that you've seen in movies. This will be a primitive beginning, but a beginning nonetheless.

dcj05241675d ago

The 90s was the first Photograph. Right now we're at silent films.

madduey1675d ago

Could've picked someone else to do the video.
He didn't have a clue

jamstorr861675d ago

looks like Oculus are edging it performance wise, so far. But good to see a positive reaction from the first hands on. I am interested to see what developments the guys at oculus have made, as I suspect they are further ahead in the development process, so anything they do is likely to be replicated by Sony and others wanting to wade into the VR pool.

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