Wii U eShop Now Displays Download Size Requirements For All Software

Well, now, that’s much more handy!

Nintendo has today updated the Wii U eShop to reflect the download sizes for all titles in its library of digital goodness in a more efficient manner.

Instead of clicking on “purchase” to view the size requirements for a title, it’s now easily seen on the game’s main page — sandwiched between the “Genre” and “Players” info. At this time, space requirement info is limited to retail and Virtual Console titles; info for demos and DLC are not yet available. While the 3DS eShop has yet to reflect the same change remains to be seen.

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Neonridr2452d ago

lol, hooray. Honestly it's about time.

DonDon2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Iwata's-lead Nintendo only adding features now, when the competition had already been doing it for years?

Now that doesn't sound like them...

Hey maybe they'll add an ethernet port within next two console generations (hopefully) and live voice chat. Ooh, and add a harddrive with a larger storage capability exceeding that of a mere media card (32gb's). All while being on modern hardware (*fingers crossed*)

lilbroRx2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

The Wii U was desgined to use external hardrives for game storage.

They also already have voice and video chat. They had it at launch...

The hardware is dx11 compatible with GPGPU technology. Its quite modern.

Iwata does not program the software for the Wii U or for anything. Updates come out for the OS when the people who make them are done and what they add is their decision, not something on an obligatory list.

Nintendo does not make a practice of mimicking their competitor. They prefer originality. Sony or Microsoft doing something has no bearing on their decisions.

Nintendo is currently the highest valued game company on the planet Earth.

Benjaminkno2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

yeah, Im pretty sure the Wii usb ethernet add-on still works for WiiU. It's like 10 bucks... ~sigh~

The competition is actually lagging behind.

Try again

Neonridr2451d ago

Wii USB adapter definitely works fine for me.

Hardware works fine for me as well, I have a PS4 so I don't need two clones of each other (much like the PS3 and 360 were so closely matched).

Voice chat is something that is definitely lagging behind, but they were only able to implement a proper account system rather than friend codes, so I am willing to give them time to sort that out, lol.

DryBoneKoopa852452d ago

That's good news! A step in the right direction. Slowly but surely Nintendo is getting to the level they need to be at with there online. Not that I had a problem with the online setup its just nice to see added features that make sense.

skipper2452d ago

I noticed that the download size was on Darksiders 2 this morning when I was looking at the sales. $19.99 for DS2.

Metallox2452d ago

10 GB of pure awesomeness, dude.

wonderfulmonkeyman2451d ago

Undoubtedly. I'm a little sad that we'll never see the full range of DLC for that title, though, but it's still a fun game as-is.

DCfan2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

wrong article.

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