Gears of War Patch In The Works

Ray Davis, Gears of War's Lead Programmer, announced over the weekend that Epic Games is already working on a patch to fix the connection issues Gearheads are experiencing when playing multiplayer. Under his fufu alias, Davis said:

"yes, a patch is in the works to address the connection issues as well as several other bugs that have been reported. not sure on an exact eta, but it won't be long..."

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USMChardcharger4454d ago

i have yet to have any contection issues. matter of fact, i was surprised at how smooth everything runs.

the only problem i have had is loosing communications in the lobby during a contest...once the contest is over, everything is fine...and actually in the game it is always fine.

this is the best online experience i have ever had online...what a great game.

speed4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

I played all weekend long and I saw no connectivity issues. Jumped into the matches just fine. There does seem to be some audio cutout at times with headset comm but very minor stuff. I love this game, its pure greatness!

ernande4454d ago

I've experienced the connectivity issue. I don't know if it's because I'm using the wireless adapter or not.

Whenever I try to join a quick match, I get an error message "Connection to the host has been lost."

Connecting from a "Quick Search" is 50/50 for me.

Playing a game online has been flawless so far, it's the initial connection issue that's been the problem.

BoneMagnus4454d ago

And I had some connection issues. But since they are releasing a patch, the problem must be beyond just the wireless.

Mr Murda4454d ago

, but I also have the wireless connector and I've experienced the troubles with joining a quick match. If I do the Custom Match then it almost always works great, unless the game is almost filled.

Otherwise, this game is straight P. I. M. P.

joemutt4454d ago

I get the same message, but only when trying to play ranked, unranked works just fine, so I still get to play, just not ranked.

I find you have to find a room with only a couple of people in it, dont go for the 7 or 6 rooms, by the time you connect, it will be full. Go to a small number room, and when you connect, you will see alot more people are actually in there.

Hope this helps someone.

PS360WII4454d ago

I've been rockin out on multi without a hitch. However, I'll spin the news badly seeing that all the hate is usually issued at Sony. Seeing that Sony is having an update on Day 1 seems a bit odd not to have a nock at any game that comes out on 360. Seeing they need to get a patch for them all after it's been made "Gold" and out in retailers around the globe.

PS360PCROCKS4454d ago

I have had the same problem and I don't have wireless adapter...I get the same "connection to the host has been lost" so yeah I totally avoid quick match and do the custom match instead. I have had no lag issues whatsoever although I have noticed really bad echoing in everyones headsets...anyone else get the echoing as well?

Mr Murda4454d ago

Yeah, but I've noticed that "in game" with the wireless headset.

BIadestarX4454d ago

I had the echo problem. I had to disconnect my mic so it wouldnt bother other other people playing. I also, have wireless connection.

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The story is too old to be commented.