Dark Souls 2 – Prop Trolling At The Belfry Tower

MP1st - Well, that’s one way of dealing with invaders in the horrific Belfry Tower.

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Nitrowolf22308d ago

The invasion in this place are insane XD

Santana2307d ago


Probably one of the few videos I've enjoyed from beginning to end. I Hope more surfaces.

Nitrowolf22307d ago

Me 2, the rat base is pronbably the best place, turn into a rat, lure them to the rat pit and enjoy them trying to fidn you among the other rats

Sharius2307d ago

chameleon spell trolling isnt new

PurpHerbison2307d ago

This guy would show up sooner or later.

imuze2307d ago

doesn't mention that its new its just always funny. damn that spell tho lol

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