Movies and NASA coming to Sony VR Headset

Find out what else Sony has planned for Project Morpheus, the Sony VR Headset. Video from PlayStation Access.

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KendrickLamar2300d ago

This is it... I need to let my excitement all out:

minimur122300d ago

gifs like these make me wonder what is actualy out there in gifland, there must be some bloody awesome ones I've yet to see.

GarrusVakarian2300d ago

...That reminds me! No Man's Sky + Project Morpheus!.

Cryptcuzz2300d ago

Who the heck is that guy?
He is ripped, like he's one of the Spartans in 300 LOL.

So many awesome gifs lately in regards to Project Morpheous.

AgentSmithPS42300d ago

That would be scary in VR.

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stuna12300d ago

Another specie of gamer is about to appear! You'll be able to distinguished them by their slack jaws, spaced out look and the sideway oval shape around their eyes! Lol.

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bleedsoe9mm2300d ago

how about porn ? the oculus rift will have porn

BQ322300d ago

This is actually a big deal as well as other interactive but non traditional gaming uses. Imagine being able to test drive a ferrarri, or maybe a surgery emulator. Interactive virtual sex is a holy grail so to speak though most don't want to admit to it. Instead of having to settle for porn you can actually interact with a virtual being, and eventually even multiplayer interactive sex. It would eliminate the possibility of STDs but would remain very erotic and emersive. Sony will not have access to any of these things if the headset is limited to the PS4. I want the headset but I may go with the Oculus and a beefier graphics card for the non-gaming applications. Was really hoping that Morpheus would be compatible with PC.

GrandTheftZamboni2300d ago

Here is a PC compatible accessory for such purpose (fUfME):

justSumDood2300d ago

And here is the Rift software to go with that device...


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