CRYENGINE - GDC 2014 Trailers Unleashed

Crytek has released two GDC 2014 trailers for its proprietary game engine, the CRYENGINE.

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AnEwGuY2308d ago

Considering what was achieved on such limited hardware, I don't think there's a greater showcase for CE3 than RYSE. It's amazing to play that game, knowing that it's only 900p/30fps...and it's still the most impressive game, visually, this gen. If someone puts that kind of effort into a PC-only game, the sky's the limit.

4Sh0w2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Wow, seeing this vid reminds me why its no coincidence that the majority of the industry were rightfully in awe of Ryse graphics more than any game so far this gen. I still think the game itself doesn't get enough credit for the story it told, the voice acting, production value etc and the gameplay although repetitive it was really solid and rewarding mastering Centurion kills, it wasn't a high 8.6-9 game but overall imo it was easily a solid 8 for me but hey its all just opinions.

HeWhoWalks2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I think it's arguable what's the most impressive thing this gen, thus far. I'd put Killzone, inFAMOUS, and BF4 above it, and some PC games from last gen (Metro: Last Light and Crysis 3) are also more impressive in my book, but hey, opinions are opinions.

OT: Always enjoy CRYENGINE showcases!

AnEwGuY2308d ago

I'm playing through KZ:SF right now, and the only thing about that game that couldn't be done on PS3 is the AA. Second Son looks great, for an open world game...but the level of environmental detail is last-gen, compared to RYSE. BF4 looked great at times, and like a 360 game at other it's tough to compare. And why even bring up last-gen PC games, when I'm talking about this gen, and the FUTURE of PC games??

Salooh2308d ago

Same , ryse definitely have a great graphics but the gameplay makes that game a garbage. If i'm gonna brag about an X1 game it would be Quantum break which is not getting the hype it deserve.

Killzone have an awesome graphics and normal good gameplay ( A downgrade in gameplay compared to the old ones) . But at least it's enjoyable. It had it's moments , i don't want to spoil it to anyone..

Second son is the real deal though. It's the first real next gen game. Stunning graphics for an open world game + gameplay where most people will enjoy.

yezz2308d ago


Do you even have HD enabled on your TV because this is definitely something a PS3 can NOT do...

It really isn't that tough to compare, you just seem to look things with some weird glasses.

Magicite2308d ago

Thats it! Enough shooters! RPGs and other genres also deserve high-end graphic engines.

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HeWhoWalks2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Again, you're entitled to your opinion, which is what it is, but I disagree. There are actually plenty of things that couldn't be done on the PS3 regarding ShadowFall, but that's besides my point. Lastly, I only brought up PC games to aid my point, as in, there are games from even earlier that I found more impressive.

No need to get aggressive on differing views.

BallsEye2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Exactly, this video just reminded me how amazing Ryse looks. Think I'm gonna co-op today with my bud! Making my own game in project spark totally sucked me in...forgot about other games :P...I've played all launch titles on all consoles and Ryse + Dead Rising 3 are my faves.

As for some saying in here that Ryse is nothing special and KZ beats it...obviously you have never played Ryse, this game is just mind blowing. You need to play it on your tv to appreciate it, not some YT and cherry picked screens.

Star Citizen also looks great...loving the FPP view and the fact you got your own little ship. Wish it was on consoles tho :(, eventho I got a monster PC I almost never use it to play games.

aftershock2308d ago

I definitely respect your opinion but I disagree with it. Ryse looks fantastic in parts and pretty awful in parts as well. I enjoyed my rental of it but I still think that KZ shadowfall has it beat in terms of graphics. To me eyes Ryse looked like it had a blurriness to it that hid fine detail, maybe that was the 900p? I played it on my 50" plasma. A great showcase of what the xbox one can do though

Trekster_Gamer2308d ago

Why would they do that?
They would loose a helluva lot money if they catered to PC elitist like you. Yes the Xbox One and ps4 are less powerful, so the hell what!
They also will sell helluva lot more than the PC will.

Ryse is proof the XB1 can deliver cutting edge games!!

Devin9422308d ago

I agree. I think Ryse is the most graphically impressive game so far this gen.

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FlyingFoxy2308d ago

Graphics cards have only recently been capable of running CryEngine 3 at good speeds (60fps+) so i don't think they should increase visuals now.. really no need to for a while, UE4 is looking great too.

Hopefully these devs have learned we want speed as well as good graphics.

Yui_Suzumiya2308d ago

Still nothing beats Beyond: Two Souls

xtheblackparade2308d ago

I thought the gamenames and studios were just made up to showcase the new engine. Now I read these are actual games. I lolled at 'Warface' though.

windblowsagain2308d ago

Any game can be made on most systems.

Obviously you would have to drop rez, certain assets. Textures etc.

Some PS3 games still look excellent for the age of the system, while some newer games should look better.

As for cryengine, it's an excellent piece of software, as are alot of engines these days.

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