YoYo Games and Sony Announce GameMaker: Studio Partnership for PlayStation Platforms

Today at GDC, we're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Sony to offer GameMaker: Studio support for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®3. This makes publishing GameMaker: Studio games to PlayStation® platforms easy and free of charge for all licensed PlayStation developers.

GameMaker: Studio support for PlayStation’s licensed developer program also includes support for PSNSM features as well as licensed platform peripherals including controllers, control inputs and cameras.

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Hatsune-Miku3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

School them properly sony. Show these other play play gaming companies how to be the best gaming company in the world because you've been number one since ps1. I can't wait for project morpheus also

XiSasukeUchiha3544d ago

Damn man your right Sony has been smart when it comes to games, partnership, and more

Keep going Sony!

izumo_lee3544d ago

It was pretty clear already that YoYo & Sony would partner up like this. The Playstation brand has already received games like DRM & Nihogg announcements. Throw in the news that Savant Acsent is also coming to Playstation just means more quality games will be appearing in the near future.

Sony's Indie program just feels miles ahead of the other consoles, though we will see what Microsoft will do in the coming months.

Eonjay3544d ago

I literally started using this last week! Awesome. So far I love it. Great to know I will be able to export games to Vita now!!!!!! This made my day :)

MoveTheGlow3544d ago

That's interesting - Nuclear Throne's made in GameMaker, and while they have their issues with how sound works in it, it's certainly a great game.

dcj05243543d ago

Game maker helped produce some very fun games so I'm glad to see it on the big consoles and VITA.

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Opera acquires Game Maker Studio 2 creator Yoyo Games

Browser developer Opera has acquired Yoyo Games, the creators of the 2D game engine Game Maker Studio 2. The deal is worth $10 million.

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MTVBG1042d ago

I don't know anything about Facebook owning Opera. I think they wanted to buy them nearly a decade ago but it didn't go through.

1041d ago

Yoyo games has launched a “Space mods” holiday community competition for Gamemaker Studio 2

YoYo Games today announced its GameMaker developer community competition, the Space Mods: Holiday Competition.


YoYo Games on the ease of porting GameMaker Studio 2 projects to Switch, more titles to come soon

Earlier this year, GameMaker Studio 2 was announced for Switch. The news was significant as it paves the way for even more developers to bring their titles to the system.

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