Alien Isolation Information Revealed at GDC 14

Hardcore Gamer: The game will be going for a serious sci-fi approach, and are trying to make it authentic to the original films right down to having accurate signage to suck you into the world as opposed to forcing you out of an airlock.

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ValKilmer2308d ago

Wow, this game actually might be good. Now I'm starting to get excited.

Bathyj2308d ago

Obvious Morpheus candidate. How can they not?

Neonridr2308d ago

Would fit well. Survival Horror could be one of the genres that benefits the most from the Morpheus.

ValKilmer2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

It might be TOO scary with the Morpheus.

ThePope2308d ago

Are people really swallowing the Morpheus pill? See what I did there?

I think it sounds cool, but will it be?

ValKilmer2308d ago

Well, it has to be better than Colonial Marines.

ThePope2308d ago

Knack is better thank A:CM, just but still better.

starchild2307d ago

It's already an immersive 1st person game so I think it could be converted pretty easy. I've played Mirror's Edge in the Rift and that wasn't even made for VR, but it is still very cool.

Alien Isolation is a multiplat so I think they could easily do a version for the Rift and Sony's headset with only some tweaks between them.

feraldrgn2308d ago

The game looks really good, this genre seems cool,
playing Outlast & it's haunting as heck.