Katamari for Wii is cancelled!

O'dell Garrett at, home of Wii Gamer Cards, got an email from Wally World (aka.Wal-Mart) that Beautiful Katamari Wii has been canceled. It was interesting since Nintendo nor Namco Bandai had any information about Beautiful Katamari Wii.

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BrotherNick4708d ago

There was a katamari for the wii?

Tetsuryu4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Same here, I had no idea there was one in development.

It just so happens I'm writing a review for the original one as we speak.

TripleTags4708d ago


The designer of the game himself talked about a version for Wii under consideration which most people read as CONFIRMED!

meepmoopmeep4708d ago

whoa, now i really believe 2012 is going to be the end of the world

BeNice4708d ago

if so no one evnen knew there was a katamari in development for the wii. No one was awaiting this game with bated breath. The bottom of the post on this page states that fact too.

If you were talking about something else totally ignore what i just said cos I hate flame wars, but I do enjoy a good mature debate/argument/conversation. I have not diasgreed with you , just in caase someone does.

bootsielon4708d ago

I did know this was coming, in fact it was announced the same day it was announced for 360. I thought that Wii and katamari where perfect matches just like with Okami, but oh well.

dribnif4708d ago

This news is just horrible. I've been waiting and hoping it'd be coming out soon, even if it was just a port of an already existing Katamari game. I am crippled with disappointment. Not a day goes by when I don't listen to at least one Katamari song. I thought it would have been perfect for Wii. Wii, oh wii?!

bumnut4708d ago

i dont think the wii could handle it, there are too many objects on screen

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