The new Oculus Rift costs $350 and this is what it's like

Engadget reports "If you're still not paying attention to Oculus VR and the Rift headset -- the folks at the forefront of virtual reality's recent rebirth -- what are you doing? Okay, we'll forgive you. It's still just a development kit after all, and even the latest prototype ("Crystal Cove") is far from the expected final product. Today though, you've got one less excuse to stay in the dark: the second Oculus Rift development is available for pre-order, it costs $350, and it's really, really impressive. That's two reallys."

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fonger082299d ago

I don't know... $350 seems pretty expensive to me that would an accessory to the way I play video games. I'm sure the price will go down, but personally I'd rather spend the money on a bigger tv. I'd be interested to see what the Morpheus will cost, I can't imagine it will be less than $300 anytime soon.

JoGam2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I bought a VR headset back in the day. That thing was around $300 back then. With the tech getting better I can see it being anywhere from $300-$350. Especially given the build quality for the new models. Because the VR headset is a Add on I can see them wanting to make a profit.

stuna12299d ago

I think this pretty much guarantees that Sony will aim for a lower price for their VR tech! They have become pretty proficient at undercutting the competition pricing! Just ask Microsoft. Especially with them naming a price, it's just begging for someone to undercut it.

aliengmr2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

So let's say you're right and the undercut the DK2 (which is not the retail release), how exactly would that help if I want VR for PC games?

Its one thing if you are competing for the same audience, but separate audiences is another.

In the end Sony has free reign to charge whatever they want on their own system. I mean Sony could release their tomorrow at $100 and it really wouldn't change anything for someone like me who doesn't own a PS4.

They're price point will not be based on competition, but rather what they really think their user-base will pay. Could be higher or could be lower, but it won't really matter what the DK2 is priced at.

HugoDrax2298d ago

They need to undercut the damn cost of the vita memory cards hahaha! I really don't want to pay $107.00 for a 64GB card. That's a lot, but I want my VITA to remote play my games from the bed lol. Plus I plan on downloading all of my VITA games instead of buying the cards.

Oh well, back to playing Titanfall till Friday

FlyingFoxy2299d ago

120hz alone adds quite a bit to the cost, as it does to 3D 120hz monitors.

Had a 1080p 120hz screen for almost 2 years now and the prices haven't budged much since, though i've never used the 3D on it i had it just for the 120hz refresh in games in standard 2D mode.

ramiuk12299d ago

it adds to the retail price for profit,its the makers/sellers that keep the costs for certain things high.
it takes a brand to sell at a price that makes them profit and sells for the greedy ones that are in agreement to drop there price.
tech is like Energy providers,they charge what they want.

jamstorr862299d ago

my tv is 800hz :-)

makes a big difference when watching sport and playing games with lots of moving images

fonger082299d ago

You also have to consider the added and somewhat optional accessory to the Morpheus in the Playstation eye. I believe the Playstation move is built into the DS4, so your good there. I just see this coming out and being as expensive as the PS4 itself.

Ninjamonkey822299d ago

There is one thing i will point out though. With Oculus Rift you don't have to wait for that bit that says its a game that's supported for the device to try it.

As already proved with the current Dev kit. Mirrors edge Bf4 half life etc tons off games being played that aren't necessarily VR.

This is where Sony's device does become a bit restrictive you most wait for games that support Sony's device.

Meaning as like with PS move that wee bit on the box VR enabled -_-.. I kno0w there will be good stuff but personally i want the ability to pick up the game I play now as well and play them.

3-4-52298d ago

So $350 for Oculus Rift


$350 for a Wii U, or towards a PS4.

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JonnyBigBoss2299d ago

This makes me want to just get the original Oculus Dev Kit with 720p...

I probably shouldn't, though.

Neonridr2299d ago

Definitely not. The screen on this version is miles better than the original.

But these prices are going to be the main reason why VR may never become mainstream.

I mean if the Morpheus for PS4 ends up being like $300-400 dollars then you are talking about selling the device for as much as the console itself.

SteamPowered2299d ago

Its almost inevitable though. I dont know how they would keep the cost under $300. Even if Sony breaks even, would they be able to make it up in software sales for VR?

kneon2299d ago

It might very well be $400+ to start with, but the prices will come down over time.

Amazingmrbrock2299d ago

you know for a thing that can essentially replace your tv as far as gaming goes, and will have far superior image quality compared(fov, refresh rate, as3d) to a tv. 3-400 really isn't breaking the bank.

Neonridr2299d ago

@Amazingmrbrock - I don't know how comfortable this thing would be to wear it all the time for gaming. I would never replace my TV with a headset.

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troylazlow2299d ago

VR is going to be expensive... makes me (and my wallet)sad...

dcj05242299d ago

The Sony headset is $249 BUT it needs the camera so really it's $310.

RosettaStoned2299d ago

They announced price? Link?

marlinfan102299d ago

sony said they're aiming for $250-300. the things not even close to release yet, it'll be a while before they set a price. I'm sure it'll end up being around the $300 mark if not more.

ninjahunter2298d ago

Also worth pointing out that this is a dev kit, which are in most cases more expensive than the final product.

frozen-assets2299d ago

They just need to release the Rift or Sony's glasses with a killer app. If either launched with say Fallout 4? Take my money, please!

SteamPowered2299d ago

Still no target date? I was hoping the Morpheus would have jolted Oculus to start shedding some details.

papashango2299d ago

they aren't competing with each other. Why would Morpheus put any strain on OR devs?

SteamPowered2299d ago

Just because everyone on the Internet is talking about the Morpheus this morning. I was hoping the Rift will step out of the shadows and start beating the hype drum. I just dont want my beloved Rift to be left behind. I want them to hit the mainstream, hard!

Fishy Fingers2299d ago

Sonys is obviously still far behind OR in development and support terms and seeing they're supporting different platforms I don't think OR have anything to worry about.

SteamPowered2299d ago

Are they behind though? The Morpheus looks pretty polished from the outside. Hopefully they show some gameplay soon.

papashango2299d ago

Fair point but the Occulus Devs already have their product being tested by consumers and game developers. You know you are in a good place when Valve suspends their own VR product because they have confidence in yours.

Sony looks like they are just figuring out what they want out of their own headset. The next logical step after the Morpheus announcement for the gaming industry is to start talking about tech specs and seeing who's gonna be on board to develop games.

Occulus are a few years ahead of Sony here and solidly built up a fanbase without the massive hype train.

webeblazing2299d ago

like the dude in the video said. "yea sony devs have OR kits, they love it" lol sony is just leaving the starting line. mister metoo. everything is basically want OR taught to the public.

porkChop2299d ago

According to Thuway, Project Morpheus has been in development for a very long time, way before Oculus Rift. And John Carmack himself said yesterday that before the Oculus kickstarter ever happened he had suggested to Sony that they hire Palmer Luckey (Oculus founder) to help with their VR headset.

So no, if it's officially coming out this summer and has been in development for that long then it is most definitely not behind OR. It's already got built-in native support in the most widely used tools and engines. Apparently many devs prefer Sony's headset to the OR, so Sony is obviously doing something right.

starchild2298d ago

I don't believe Thuway for a second. He is a major Sony fanboy and that makes him unreliable, whether he actually has any insider information or not.

Furthermore, if they really have been working on it for so long why are they behind Oculus in terms of tech and why did they wait so damn long to announce it? We've known about the Oculus Rift for around 2 years.

I mean, Sony is a big multinational corporation and if they have been working on it so long it doesn't make sense that their headset would be inferior to the current Oculus Rift.

The Rift has a 5.6" OLED screen, while Sony's headset has a 5" LCD panel. The Rift has a 110 degree FOV whereas the Sony headset has a 90 degree FOV. The tracking is said to be better with the Rift.

And according to Engaget the Sony headset also has blurrier motion and a muddier image quality.

"There are still some pretty major issues to overcome in Project Morpheus. Vision blur, for instance, is a much bigger problem on Morpheus than on Crystal Cove/Rift DK2. The screen resolution is also clearly not as high as DK2, making everything a bit muddier, visually speaking."

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