Beautiful inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots Released to Celebrate GameStop’s Midnight Launch Events

Today GameStop sent a press release reminding everyone that several stores in the US will host midnight launch events for inFAMOUS: Second Son in the evening between the 20th and the 21st, and that customers that pre-ordered will receive the Limited Edition with the Cole’s Legacy DLC for free, in addition to 500 Sony Rewards points.

Even more interestingly, the press release came with never-seen-before screnshots of the game.

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WeAreLegion2299d ago

*sigh* We're not having a midnight launch at either of my GameStops. :/ If I didn't have the collector's edition pre-ordered, I'd just pick it up at Walmart at midnight.

tuglu_pati2299d ago

Where are the reviews for this game :(. Cant wait!

fenome2299d ago

We won't see any reviews until tomorrow, when the embargo lifts.

robtion2298d ago

I will pick mypreorder up tomorrow. I'm worried by the lack of reviews, I have a bad feeling that the reviews will be mixed with a lower overall metacritic than the 2 previous games. I hope not as I love infamous, just have a bad feeling. Embargos make me very apprehensive 😮

fenome2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )


Same here, I've got release day delivery from Amazon, but who knows what time it'll actually show up.

Meltic2298d ago

my copy is coming tomorrow. Early :)

cfc832299d ago

pre-ordered the other day. Can anyone offer a quick breakdown of what the plot is about ?

Conzul2299d ago

IGN just did a spot called "inFamous in 5 minutes".
Maybe you want that....

cruzngta2299d ago

This game is a good reason why we bought a PS4 my brethren. Truly a beast of a system and one hell of a good looking game here.

MasterCornholio2299d ago

Welcome to the 2nd generation of next gen games.

P.S Titanfall doesn't count since its last gen.

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