Sacred 3 trailer debuts first gameplay footage on PS3

New Sacred 3 trailer debuts first game play footage.

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KrisButtar2305d ago

I loved Sacred 2 but I'm losing interest in Sacred 3. Where is the Open World and taking on quests? Looking at it, it seems they removed all the RPG elements and made this a straight up Hack and Slash.

Bebedora2305d ago

Just curious. Based on what? This video alone?

KrisButtar2305d ago

No, not on the video alone. I've been following the game because I loved Sacred 2 and was hoping the video would show that they changed.

"This already shows some very fundamental changes in what defines Sacred. There is no open world anymore. The "world" and the story are divided into small segments, which are completed in missions."

Bebedora2305d ago

That's really bad. FWIW: I played Sacred, the firts one. I liked they had a seamless style to the open world and interiors like dungeons.

I hope they make up for it in this one as I am interested in the game.