Unity Japan Creates Incredible Real Life Super Jump Oculus Rift Demo

VRFocus - The Japanese division of Unity 3D has released an intriguing new virtual reality (VR) demo for the Oculus Rift headset named Hiyoshi Jump. Set in Keio University in Japan, the demo allows players to initiate ‘super jumps’ that spring them high into the sky to get a 360 degree view of the surrounding area as they travel. The demo is available to download for free on the Oculus VR Share Beta.

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cyclindk2308d ago

So what did they fly a little drone up and 360 film the ascent and descent? And that's the visual you use?

I wonder if Google maps will add some functionality.

Thank you for using Google Drive-by...

starchild2308d ago

Yes, that's how they do it. There are already television shows and sporting events that have been filmed with 360 degree 3D cameras and you can look around wherever you like from that fixed position.

cyclindk2308d ago

Awesome, pay a subscription and watch your favorite sporting even FROM THE PLAYER/COMPETITOR's perspective!

I don't watch sports but gosh, have a camera in every football helmet, race car drivers, baseball players, what else?!

... pornstar cam... wearing a helmet... one for him one for her... vicarious sexual SEXPERIENCES.. tm copyright that, "Sexperience." Making virtually any reality, your reality..."

TheRedButterfly2308d ago

This is awesome! My first experience with Oculus had me screaming and cowering in fear… I can only image what this would render me. DX> (gonna try it anyway)

WeAreLegion2308d ago

This is why VR is so amazing. We can do things that shouldn't be possible and go places we could never go.

starchild2308d ago

So true. Imagine the virtual tours to distant countries that will be possible with VR. Can't afford a trip to Italy? Well with VR we can take a stroll around the Colosseum without actually ever leaving our house.

Ninjamonkey822308d ago

Pass the bucket round for this one is sure gonna make those that have issues with heights sick :)

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