What is Project Morpheus? and Will it Change Gaming Forever?

Now, it’s a little, actually very premature of us to talk about how Project Morpheus will change gaming, considering that Oculus Rift has already been around for awhile now. But here’s why we think that Project Morpheus has a better chance and take a look at why it might change the face (no pun intended) of gaming forever.

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arika2308d ago

It could, but for now only time will tell. If a lot of companies support it and put time and effort to optimize a game for morpheus, then we're now seeing the dawn of a new age in gaming history. Im just happy to be on board the first bus and enjoy every moment of this trip. We shall see.

S2Killinit2308d ago

Its definitely exciting to say the least.

MasterCornholio2308d ago

I dont think it will replace the TV but it will be a great way to play games.

Eonjay2308d ago

It may be able to hold us down until the holodeck gets here...

corvusmd2308d ago

I think VR can and will change gaming forever, not necessarily Project Morpheus as it'll just be one of three major versions of the same I don't think it will really take off until the second gen. It appears that VR at this point is little more than a screen on your face that responds to movement...(which honestly you don't need much more) but as visuals improve and movement latency improve it will become more and more desirable for this point it may do nothing more than create motion sickness, esp after long periods of gaming...but it's a great sign that companies are pushing this tech.

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