Tons Of High-Res Photos From PlayStation’s Project Morpheus Reveal

iGR: "The cat is out of the bag. As we reported yesterday afternoon, Sony announced their PlayStation 4 VR head mounted display, “Project Morpheus” at GDC. Onlookers weren’t allowed very close to the unit, and I had plenty of heads and hands in most of my captures, but I was able to grab a few ultra high-res photos of the HMD for your viewing pleasure."

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Ashunderfire862300d ago

Cool! All with Playstation logo.

abzdine2299d ago

looking forward to gamescom to try this sexy thing.

_FantasmA_2299d ago

Nice concept but man that is a terrible job you did with the faces.

PoSTedUP2300d ago

i cant wait to never take this off!

younglj012300d ago

Wow what do Sony have plan for E3?Surprise this is the news I see when I came to the site...The Matrix is coming Lol

EBTpickle2300d ago

I was pretty convinced this was happening. GDC is a great place to reveal the tech because they'll have access to the devs that will work on it on-site.

Sci0n2300d ago

the matrix was already here you just didn't open your mind. Next time around choose the right pill.

ThatOneGuyThere2299d ago

likely be showing lots of games for it. what do you think all of those unannounced first party titles are?

mkis0072300d ago

Surrogates comes to mind. Seriously scary stuff. I love technology, but it frightens me too.

diehardmetallicafan2300d ago

love surrogates. but im more leaning towards strange days...

spoonard2299d ago

Lets remember the differences between make-believe (Surrogates) and reality (Morpheus).

mkis0072299d ago

You should read the book "Feed" by M.T. Anderson, it will freak you out. My college class watched a clip of a documentary called "Transcendent Man." Some profound realities in there. Do you realize how fast we have been progressing technologically? The past 10 years... processing power doubling every 2 years...shrinking of complex chips. IT can be frightening to think of where we will be in 40 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.