Virtual Reality Headset For PS4: "Fidelity Of Image & Experience Superior To Oculus Rift" says Dev

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley tweeted a interesting quote of developer who have worked with VR Headset. This is what the tweet reads: "Developers who have used Project Morpheus tell me the fidelity of the image and experience is superior to Oculus Rift."

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Geekman2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

If this keeps up Sony will be the king of electronics again. (Outside of Playstations.)

AgentSmithPS42299d ago

This news made Agent Smith smile (and actually add an avatar).

For those that can't wait for "VR" you could learn how to have lucid dreams, with practice and patience. I've had hundreds with the tutorials I got (free) from the d****views site. It's basically using your brain like a 'holodeck', you learn to become conscious while still dreaming (scientifically proven etc).

GrizzliS19872299d ago

i am 99% sure you have no idea how to.

user14394142299d ago

Microsoft are already working on another spying device that can read your thoughts through the movement of your eyes. They will force people to use the "Virtual Reality Headset". Do not trust Microsoft......

AgentSmithPS42299d ago


I'm sort of curious why you'd say that?

Conzul2299d ago

I've dreamed lucidly before. But to control them and start them takes much practice.
Totally worth it.

PoSTedUP2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

i lucid dream all the time... i use to get sleep paralysis a lot, too, years ago (freaky stuff). sleep paralysis is bassically ultra lucid dreaming without the actual dream (or the dream just being you in your bed), imo. you feel it comming, like a warm heavy lead blanket creeping up your body, then you feel paralized, you seem totally conscious and aware of whats going on, you can look around, think and blink but you cant move. but the crazy part is youre actually sleeping, eyes are closed etc. the first time i got sleep paralysis, long story short, i thought it was a ghost trying to choke me to death, i sware that was the only time in my life i was convulsing* (shaking) petrified out of my mind from pure fear. i was convulsing for over an hour in pure shock.

when i lucid dream im in total control (sometimes i control myself and actions and other times i can cause events to take place/change the whole dream around completely just by thinking of it). when i dont lucid dream i can have up to 12 different dreams, not all the time tho. i rarely get nightmares, and even in scary situations i dont get scared no matter how scary the face or place is. occationally i do tho. they say it takes practice, idk, it just happens with me, i never really try anything to cause it to happen. i just take over, and the funny thing is i still keep my morals even tho i know its a dream, i feel like im being judged so i dont do anything bad (as far as My morals go). i still fight ppl in my dreams, i turn into bruce lee lol (i use to box). b4 i started boxing i couldnt fight in my dreams it was so hard to throw a punch, after like a uear of boxking i noticed i was kicking some serious ass in my dreams lol. just thought id share.

Why o why2299d ago

Great stuff on the lucid dreams guys. I've experienced what you guys speak of but I haven't done for a couple years now... in my ones my back was usually facing the door whilst I lay... I could hear something approaching but could never move or turn my head to look behind..... lol.. I smiling I'm reading this here.. I never actually thought to read up on it. Google here I come

FriedGoat2299d ago

I just go to sleep, get up go to work and then go to sleep again.

PoSTedUP2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

@why o why: i had something similar, its hard to explain. idk if it was sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming or a mix of both. but most definately felt like a buldge in my mattress was moving and sliding me around in my bed real slowly, again i thought i was haunted bc i knew what was going on, im like "is this really f******* happening!? ghosts.. D:" lol. a few other times it felt like something pulled me off my bed, was hanging off but levitating like something was holding me. but again couldnt really do much but be really scared, hah.

sounds like you were lucid dreaming to me. sleep paralysis happens i think in my subconscious like right b4 i hit the dream state, and lucid dreams happen anytime when im full-on dreaming.

@friedgoat, lol.

AgentSmithPS42299d ago

@PoSTedUP before I knew about SP and LD I was sleeping and I thought I woke up but my vision was strangely fractured like I was looking through glass broken into big shards. Then I looked and death was coming for me but I couldn't move or scream no matter how hard I tried (scary, but when I woke up for real I realized that dark shape coming for me was just my dresser).

For new lucid dreamers just know that it's not real and can't hurt you, for me anger helps, just think "I worked hard to have this LD and this ____ isn't going to stop it!" then attack. Or just stop and face that giant troll, it shrunk to the size of a softball when I did that.

AshleeEmerson2299d ago

@FriedGoat - That's called WTBT or wake back to bed and it's one of the most powerful step 1 techniques for lucid dreaming because it puts our minds in an awake state while our body still wants to sleep. So falling back to sleep after getting up for a certain amount of time (not too much) no longer than 10 minutes, you'll almost always have a VIVID dream.

Reaching lucidity is step 2 which is where you realize you're dreaming aka consciously aware. People use dream signs but the problem with people who want to lucid dreaming constantly is that they look at it as a hobby and in reality reaching the state of being lucid is more of a habit; making sure you eat certain things to make your dreams more vivid... Milk, almonds, pure apple juice et, reality checks and other small things.

It's not like the movie Inception at all. I'm happy that movie spun curiosity but that doesn't even scratch the surface.

Anyways sorry for the wall of text... For those who never had a REAL lucid dream believe me, it's the most incredible experience and nothing and I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing can compare.

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BOLO2299d ago

Yes. I really wish that Ninty and Sony would join forces on the hardware/software to combat M$FT's "we made billions off of monopolizing Windows" money.

fenome2299d ago

The only reason Playstation is what it is now is because Nintendo backed out on a deal they had with Sony for making a CD based add-on for the SNES. Nintendo decided to go with Phillips, one of Sonys main rivals at the time. Sony decided to make their own console out of the prototypes, and nothing ever happened with the Nintendo/Phillips partnership. The rest is history, the present, and the future:

Needless to say there are probably some pretty sour grapes on both sides and they'll never try to partner again. That's all good though, they each do their own thing.

Competition fuels innovation. In the end all the choices we get is what makes us gamers the winner of this arms race.

Geekman2298d ago

The only way joining forces would work is if Nintendo went 3rd party, and Iwata says that they'd only make a short term profit on that and lose profit from no longer making hardware. Sony could go 3rd party, but that'd be the stupidest thing a company has ever done.

MelvinTheGreat2299d ago

Sony is king of toaster ovens and microwaves? Only kidding of course, all in good fun.

starchild2299d ago

Well I have a feeling that they were comparing to the Rift dev kit 1 version. The newer dev kit hasn't been released yet and not many people have used the newest Crystal Cove prototype yet.

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Godmars2902299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

A quote supplied from Geoff Keighley? An anonymous quote?

Yeah, not buying anything from the king of overhype.

Conzul2299d ago

Yeah. He SAYS quite a lot.

sorane2299d ago

Probably because developers only have access to the old 720p lcd OR. The 1080p 110 fov oled OR hasn't been made available to developers yet. They said the same thing about Valves for the same reason.

Clover9042299d ago

Thank you. It's not a fair comparison. Oculus Rift's crystal cove prototype make Rift dev kit looks like a dinosaur. I'm not saying that Morpheus is or isn't better, just that the comparison isn't at all fair.

jmac532299d ago

We'll you do realize that this is Sony's dev kit as well. So it's pretty fair considering both are dev kits and not the final retail product.

webeblazing2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

We'll considering OR is trying to and is aiming way higher in resolution and quality. And that they was always open about their discoveries and let the community know how to create a better vr experience. Sony Basically used everything they said. I'll take this with a grain of salt. How Daniel son gonna compete with mister miyag

The Great Melon2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Good to see other people bringing this issue up. I get the feeling that Oculus is aiming for 2560x1600 screen for their consumer version (unless they somehow conjure a a cheap 4k screen).

I am interested in hearing if Project Morpheus is using a 1080p screen like OculusVR's setup where they bisect the screen, or if they are using two 1080p displays for each eye. I hope it is the latter for the resolution benefits.

Anonagrog2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

If Eurogamer have it correct, and I'm sure they would do, it's the split panel.

The specs could change no doubt, but if they don't that will mean Sony are going with LCD instead of OLED. That should help with the price, although it will struggle to compete with Crystal Cove's OLED response times. We'll have to wait and see how things evolve for both.

webeblazing2299d ago

Yea they they basically are doing the same thing OR is. Following in daddy footsteps. Like you said they are on to the next step.

ThanatosDMC2299d ago

Sony was first with a VR display. It happened during first intro of OLED.

Bathyj2299d ago

Hmmm, I was not expecting that to be honest. I thought it would be comparable but ultimately less capable, much like consoles are to PCs.

I am encouraged but that Sony is willing to let people get their hands (faces) on it so soon. You know this thing is going to go under the microscope bigtime, so it bodes well that they are so confident.

MelvinTheGreat2299d ago

Its the old oculus vs ps4 VR. Crystal cove is basically the same as Sonys VR

MelvinTheGreat2299d ago

Crystal cove vs ps4 VR is more or less the same. 1080p vs 1080p. I would assume that crystal cove would be slightly more accurate due to the camera tracking as well as motion, but i cant see sony not using the ps eye to their advantage as smart as they have been this gen.

RegorL2299d ago

Morpheus seems to have 1000Hz camera tracking too...

ThatOneGuyThere2299d ago

im more interested in the sound from morpheus. 3d sound that changes with head position will make the audio so much more immersive. not just that, but with sony's solution, you also get to use the move controller (3d input). sonys complete package is looking MUCH more appealing. rift is going to be an option for PC games that lets you see in 3d and move your head around. morpheus is going for the entire package. combine that with sonys proven track record of superior hardware....its going to be very nice.

LKHGFDSA2299d ago

it's not about resolutions mate.

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