New MLB 14: The Show Screenshots

The PS4 is the most powerful gaming console ever made. With so much horsepower to take advantage of, we’ve made the most realistic, best-playing, most authentic baseball video game ever. Note the revamped lighting engine, meticulously rendered facial hair, and rich stadium detail. MLB 14 The Show for PS4 on May 6.

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Kingthrash3603750d ago

my eyes are dry now. awsome!
looking very pretty, yes i hate to watch it but love to play...now i can do both..so pretty.

Mikelarry3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

yeah i am just here for that sweet looking screenshot, when i saw this on ign i had to take a double take as i truely that it was real life game especially with that first screen

Insomnia_843750d ago

Wow! I always thought of the day when the audience looked like real people in video games. I also thought of the day when virtual reality was something more than just a futuristic movie thing.

So glad I own a Playstation 4.

PS4 VR day one!!

theXtReMe13750d ago

Wow! Looks incredible. The lighting is crazy. And to think, this is all going to be running at a silky smooth 60fps in 1080p. Next gen baseball is almost here, I cant wait!

WeAreLegion3750d ago

Looks incredible, but now I want VR support. Lol.

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Chocoburger40m ago

This list is missing Fin.K.L's appearance in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.



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