The weirdest things that non-playable characters in video games do

GearNuke: "Without further ado, let us expand the list and see what other shenanigans these characters execute that put gaming titles miles away from the real world when it comes to reality."

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Jackhass2305d ago

Good list. Improving NPCs is one of the things I want most out of next-gen games.

Pozzle2304d ago

Same here!

Also I'd love to see more variety in NPCs. I always get pulled out of a game when I see the same NPC models repeated over and over again. Especially if they appear right next to each other (I'm looking at you, Resident Evil 5!)

TheSuperior 2305d ago

Great light hearted article. Love seeing this kind of thing on here. This goes outside the constant console wars post and puts a smile on my face. haha great read my friend :)

ArtificiallyYours2304d ago

Unprovoked NPC's murdering other NPC's. Delightful. XD

benzo522304d ago

NPC that only have one line of dialogue...