EVE: Valkryie Confirmed for PlayStation 4 with Project Morpheus

VRfocus - Sony has announced that CCP's EVE: Valkyria is coming to its PlayStation 4 console with support for the Project Morpheus VR headset.

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mkis0072299d ago

One of those times I laughed too hard

Whiskeyjacked872299d ago

This made me chuckle as I lay in bed catching up on gaming news. Good one.

Gazondaily2298d ago

Lmao! All kinds of gains.

I havr my sensitivity high in games. Now Im gonna look like Im constantly being attacked by a swarm of killer bees.

Eve Valkyrie omg...words cannot describe my excitement.

thereapersson2298d ago

It's like a rolling laughter train, especially after reading the subsequent comments.

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Clover9042299d ago

Very surprising. Thought the publishing deal with Oculus would prevent the game popping up elsewhere. This is actually really good for the VR format in general. A larger VR user base with both PC and console gamers means more game developers will create compelling software.

morganfell2299d ago

Consider two things. Sony has had a relationship with CCP long before Occulus Rift. Also, Morpheus has been in development longer. Back before OR was even a name CCP had discussed FP views in spacecraft and being able to walk around in ships. There is a good chance CCP knew about Morpheus before Rift.

ColinZeal2299d ago

We want Elite: Dangerous with Morpheus! ...on the PS4 that is. Get to it Shuhei!

ArchangelMike2299d ago

Don't forget Star Citizen. If that games gets announced for morpheus it'll be a Day 1 for me :)

Phoenix762299d ago

I agree with you both :)

gigoran2299d ago

We could build a second ocean with the tears of the xbones. Cheer up! You still got your.... your.... kinect... HAHAHAHA I can't do it. I can't keep a straight face when saying that.