Sony has "Tremendous Respect" for Oculus Rift

During their announcement of Project Morpheus, Sony said they have "tremendous respect" for Oculus Rift.

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XiSasukeUchiha2304d ago

Sony has respect for everybody even MS and Oculus!

Pandamobile2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I would hope so, they paved the way for Sony's move into VR.

JoGam2304d ago

VR have been around before Oculus I believe.

Pandamobile2304d ago

Yeah, but not as a viable consumer product. Even if the Rift somehow fails to gain any significant marketshare, they'll still be regarded as the catalyst for the VR revolution. They proved that a consumer VR experience was possible.

JoGam2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I had a VR Headset back in the early PS2 Days. That thing got me dizzy so I took it back. Played Jet Moto. Could have been PS1 days.

morganfell2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Considering Morpheus has been in development longer, the paving only applies to some aspects of a very small part of certain unique communities.

And of course Sony's comments have respect unlike some remarks made by the OR factions.

Baka-akaB2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

SOny may has been longer at it technically , but they never garnered a real mainstream interest nor provided more than an alternative to owning a screen .Truthfully it's the Occulus and the interest it raised , that made the hype go through the roof .

Both project succeeeding can only be benefitial to each , and raising the awereness and hype for both VR solution , and ny upcoming other .

papashango2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

He's talking about Occulus Rift showing the world that the world doesn't see VR as a gimmick if it's done right.

Sony saw the interest and the attention Occulus Rift was creating and hopped along for the me too bandwagon

Sort of like how tablets existed before the ipad yet it was Apple that decided to make it commercially viable.

webeblazing2303d ago

so by yall logic nintendo pave the way for VR gaming. hows that working out? OR set standard and voiced concern, sony hopped on the bandwagon and followed everything they taught in these last couple of year so that "they was doing experiments" dont fly. everything they showed is what OR was saying and doing for years.

it amazes me how people go against the underdog small companies that did the bulk of the work for the big business fortune 500 companies. sad day day when people overlook what small companies bring to the table for big companies that easily throw at thing to play catch up.

fenome2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )


I'm not trying to say they invented VR, and neither did Occulus.

I'm saying the concept of VR has been around for a long time, it was just a matter of time and technology catching up before it could work properly and be priced for consumer use.

The more people that dabble in it the better, everybody can bring something different to the table and find ways to improve the tech behind it.

The main point is that this isn't something that happened over night by one company. It took decades of research, development, trial and error to get where it is now.

And yes, the VirtualBoy was also a part of that process.

As well as Sega:

And Atari:

And a multitude of other companies as well. We should all just be happy that we're part of the era when it can actually be functional and a true part of our gaming experience regardless of which companys headset you decide to use.

starchild2303d ago

If they really have been working on it for so long why are they behind Oculus in terms of tech and why did they wait so damn long to announce it? We've known about the Oculus Rift for around 2 years.

I mean, Sony is a big multinational corporation and if they have been working on it so long it doesn't make sense that their headset would be inferior to the current Oculus Rift.

The Rift has a 5.6" OLED screen, while Sony's headset has a 5" LCD panel. The Rift has a 110 degree FOV whereas the Sony headset has a 90 degree FOV. The tracking is said to be better with the Rift. The Rift also blocks out all of the outside world, but there is a gap on Sony's headset and if you look down you will see the ground of the real world.

And according to Engaget the Sony headset also has blurrier motion and a muddier image quality.

"There are still some pretty major issues to overcome in Project Morpheus. Vision blur, for instance, is a much bigger problem on Morpheus than on Crystal Cove/Rift DK2. The screen resolution is also clearly not as high as DK2, making everything a bit muddier, visually speaking."

fenome2302d ago

I wasn't trying to talk about one certain company and I'm not trying to say which one is better. Neither are even finalized yet and they're for totally seperate platforms. I was just going through the backstory of VR and how it's cool that we're actually in a time where it's a viable method to game in.

When it comes down to it though, the Rift will probably have better specs and it'll probably also be more expensive. They are both in prototype stages right now, but the Rift is closer to release to the public right now.

This is is the first prototype that Sony's even been willing to show yet, So they'll find ways to streamline and improve as well. They are also releasing to different demographics and Sony has to be more mindful of seeking ease of use as well as affordability for the console crowd.

I'm not taking sides or comparing either of them. Like I said, the more the merrier. The more people that dabble in this the further the tech gets pushed. More competition will lead to more options, accessibility, and different price-points. Something for everybody :)

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yewles12304d ago

Sony's been working on VR before Oculus Rift was even announced...

SteamPowered2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Those videos are from 2012. The Rift has been in development a lot longer than that.
In fact, the Rift Dev kit has been out longer than that.

Baka-akaB2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

nvm double post

Baka-akaB2303d ago

and yet it was even longer worked upon at sony and other ventures . it just never amounted to anything good and concrete till today . Wich is in big part thanks to the Occulus getting the hype

sinspirit2303d ago


He said they've been working on it before Oculus was announced. This shouldn't be open for debate, so stop.

The Rift didn't have a company as big as Sony behind it. They couldn't have had a longer development process than Sony, especially since Sony has had a 3D headset on the market for years with many prototypes with plans to use them for a form of VR.

fenome2303d ago

Sony released a head-mounted display called "Glasstron" in 1997, let that sink in...

That's over 17 years that they've been playing around with this. They just had to wait for technology to catch up.

So, no, they are not the new guys on the block with this. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

webeblazing2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

and for some reason i hasnt been much of a experience until OR came on the scene. they waited to technology to catch up after OR did all the work. and you right that is what big corporations do. when people move a technology to another level the step in throw money at it to play catch up. people seem to state this about big corporations big fail to realize that theyre most like a lot of big tech corporations thats been experimenting with vr MS, samsung, and every other big tech company.

do their early experiments dont matter because it have to do with sony. im sure if the want to the could make a prototype and show it off in a couple of months. all big tech companies do this they sometimes even hire small companies for projects and r&d.

but go ahead disagree i made yall god look like a mere mortal. say how perfect they are and how the create everything under the sun.


yeah my fault if you took it that way. didnt mean it like that. just saying people dont want to give credit when credits due. they work hard and people acting like they didnt spend the last couple of years doing this and teaching people about their discoveries. everything that in sony prototypes spells OR. theyre not mad that how they said it suppose to be done.

bubz to you

didnt give disagree, dont believe in it. they need to get rid of it and bring back the openzone, and start weeding out some of the people.

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dcj05242303d ago

Oculus Rift is PC enthusiast.
Project Morpheus is for PlayStation enthusiast.

Not really a competition.

And both are focused on making VR mainstream.

sonic9892303d ago

for some reason i do believe that those two VR headsets operate in a different ways in terms of architecture and output .
i mean the oculus way isnt the only way available to produce that experience .
i believe in Sony's abilities and i would believe them more than a bunch of nerds who pretend to know everything .
while being an engineer myself .