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parentoftheyear2298d ago

Isn't one for PC and one for Ps system? The best of both worlds I'd you ask me.

SteamPowered2298d ago

So true. Its funny how people dont see this as anything but direct competition. Play it on the Platform that suits you.

webeblazing2298d ago

If it is true I doubt PS vr will be limited to just ps4. I'm sure people will find a way to use it for PC. The the great thing about PC the options. On consoles your limited what the console makers feed you. I'm sure PS vr will be great if its true. Sony has a record for trying their best when it comes to tech.

starchild2298d ago

I have no doubt that VR is going to revolutionize gaming. I've used the Rift on several occasions and having experienced it first hand I think both Sony and Microsoft will eventually be on board the VR train. Once you understand where it is going nobody would want to be left behind.

ChozenWoan2298d ago

Now all we need a Sword Art Online annoucement!!!

darthv722298d ago

Well this time around it seems like it will actually make its way to the end users. Unlike the sega vr and jag vr prototypes back in the day.

memots2297d ago

The moment Ps Vr is working/supported on PC i am picking one up.

I would love the Oculus rift for Pc but as it most likely won't work on consoles at all i am not too interested,

ShinMaster2297d ago

Oculus Rift might be the pricier more high-end VR device.
While the Sony's headset may be more affordable and geared towards the mid-range.

One is for PC, the other for PS4.

They don't seem to be in direct competition anyway.

Azzanation2297d ago

PC and PS4 best combo? No, 90% of the games on PS4 are on PC why would you want both platforms that play the same Indie games? Except with PC you can play Indie and 3rd Party games at 1080p+ and 60frames+ with no BS.

Best combo is PC and WiiU because you have access to all the Big Nintendo games which Nintendo own the biggest and most popular franchises in gaming, whilst having access to every 3rd party and Indie game on PC. PS4 is a mid range PC with 2 AAA games with low meta scores. If you brought your PS4 for Indies your a fool, PC have been offering a bigger Indie library for years and its free from subscriptions.

GW2122297d ago

I disagree. What if one is materially better than the other? With expensive hardware like this, I want the best possible experience, regardless of platform. The best of both worlds would be the ability to choose your VR headset and be able to use it with any supported game on any platform.

Bad enough we have this console war BS. Let's not hop on the VR headset war train too. I've had enough of it. One day, we'll get back to games and experiences... one day...

Kidmyst2297d ago

I don't thing the Rift will have the affordablility as the morpheus will have. Sony will market it to push it to as many PS4 owners as they can but the Rift will probably be a bit better but then that comes with a higher cost. I'm guessing the Morpheus will be around $200 and the Rift $350 or more.

Gamer19822297d ago

If Oculus ever comes out on PC.. They just keep revising it after showing it off at events around the world.. Whats the point of showing it off and hyping it then making a new one? Its like Sony making a PS5 then showing it off around the world before announcing PS6 without even releasing the PS5.. Then complaining if MS brought out an actual console to market..

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telekineticmantis2297d ago

No need for comp, PC crowd theirs, console players get theirs.

frostypants2297d ago

The more entrants to the market, the better. Remember, we're starting at a completely untapped market here. Competition will increase adoption and drive up sales for everyone.

DigitalRaptor2298d ago

Humble and realistic. I like this guy.

Godmars2902298d ago

Not saying anything other than, "Hope Sony doesn't ruin it for us". That their focus is VR on PCs.

Muerte24942298d ago

I like his message though. It's pretty much "Hey, Sony, do it right?" I like that. They are more excited about the furthering of VR as a whole than having a pissing contest. I don't doubt Sony's ability to deliver an experience close to, or better, than the Oculus Rift. Thuway was right by the way guys.

Omegasyde2298d ago

true but for now the products cater to two different markets.

I don't see Oculus rift coming to PS4/Xbox1 anytime soon, but I do see the PS4's VR PC compatible at some point.

If PC get's more headsets, than that means more competition which will result in lower prices for consumers. In the end, gamers win.

Gamer19822297d ago

Sony arent gonna step on there toes but than again Oculus arent looking like ever releasing the oculus rift.. So they won't ever rival anybody.. The things never been readily available for consumers.

sorane2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )


"Oculus arent looking like ever releasing the oculus rift"

What kind of nonsense is that. You can go order a Rift right now that has better specs(devkit2 is a monster and for sale right now on the OR website) than the Sony prototype(I stress prototype since it's nowhere near release). Also the Rift already has more games that support it then the ps4 will have for years to come if ever.

Yeah sure seems looks like it's never gonna be released.....

OrangePowerz2298d ago

Let's see if VR turns out to be more then a short lived overhyped trend.

Godmars2902298d ago

An overhyped trend from over twenty years ago you mean.

papashango2298d ago

An overhyped trend on/as a console sure.

Still VR tech on consoles imo is still a generation too soon. Hardware limitations will be it's achilles heel. Whereas PC technology has reached a point where Rift developers don't have to worry so much about it.

Godmars2902297d ago

And most consumers wont likely be able to afford a high end PC to run the best VR rig. As many and more wont have the knowledge to maintain it.

frostypants2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

@papashango...current mainstream PCs can barely keep up with a PS4. You can bet that OR devs want their product to work on those, if they plan on making money anytime soon. I don't see them releasing a product that only works well on uber rigs, which is what you're describing.

AgentSmithPS42297d ago


GTA V, the last of us, etc looked great on old gen, of course VR can look good on the PS4. Price is the only thing I'm worried about.

It won't be the best of course because you have to pay more to get more, but consoles are "good enough".

FlyingFoxy2297d ago


You sure? Even the budget (fairly cheap) R9 270x graphics card keeps up with the PS4..

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AgentSmithPS42297d ago

Maybe you'd like a time machine so you could go back to when the world was flat?

People fail all the time but someone will eventually do VR right and then only a stubborn fool wouldn't like it.

WeAreLegion2298d ago

They aren't competing. Both companies want to move the industry forward with this technology.

Bathyj2298d ago

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Ju2298d ago

I'd think with a big player like Sony, the tide should be rising quite a bit. More so than Oculus could do on their own.

Bathyj2297d ago

Yeah, thats my point. Some people might want to say its Sony vs Oculus but it reality both companies pushing VR will bring awareness. The VR market would be tiny at the moment, getting more people into it might mean a smaller piece of the pie for Oculus, but the pie itself will be much larger.

Its what Sony did for the games industry itself with the first Playstation by making games cool for adults. Gaming was thought of as just for kids and nerds before that. When Playstation came out suddenly celebrities were endorsing it, PSones were having competitions in nightclubs, (which I won playing Wipeout, YYYEEAAAAHHH!! ;) and the whole market and perception changed forever.

I dont see much overlap here. Sony will be the console version, more mainstream, and Oculus will be more high end PC version, just like we have a console and PC market now, and the whole VR market will grow.

kingPoS2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

-When Playstation came out suddenly celebrities were endorsing it, PSones were having competitions in nightclubs- Heheheh Tekken 3 at the club was pure awesomeness with a kick a$$ sound system.

The 90's were the best!

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