InFAMOUS: Second Son European PSN Midnight Launch Confirmed

InFAMOUS: Second Son will be available at midnight on March 21st on the European PSN, confirmed Chris Owen, English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe, earlier today.

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BitbyDeath2300d ago

2 more days, cannot wait

PaleMoonDeath2300d ago

Slightly off topic, but will MGS Ground Zeroes be available for the UK tomorrow digitally? I'll be buying InFamous's collectors edition, that beanie is mine.

Just wondering if I can avoid waiting a little longer for either of the games.

hazeblaze2300d ago

MGS Ground Zeroes is available on PSN today... been playing it for about 5 hours.

(Unless the release date for Europe was different).

Rickgrimes952300d ago

You think east coast u.s. Will be able to download at midnight or do we have to wait till 12 pst?

TetsujinFranky2300d ago

Good question. If something comes up about it, it should be posted on the US PlayStation Blog so I'd keep checking that if I were you

XiSasukeUchiha2300d ago

Yes even more reason to buy to this! Greatness awaits.

weirdo2300d ago

I've never played the infamous games, should I get it? Played Killzone/BF4 to death. Thanks.

Bathyj2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Then yes, you should definitely get it, unless for some reason you dont like great gameplay, great graphics, Superheroes or feeling powerful.

hazeblaze2300d ago

It's nothing like Killzone or BF4. But if you enjoyed the Batman games or Uncharted, then you'd love inFamous.

Kurisu2300d ago

And inFamous is nothing like Uncharted :/

KwietStorm2300d ago

Uncharted? lol inFamous is nothing like Uncharted.

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