Official inFAMOUS: Second Son Conduit Test Pictures

JM: Sucker Punch started sending out physical conduit tests to everybody who signed up for it.

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Treezy5042298d ago

Nice, awesome to see Sucker Punch actually going the extra mile with this game. I'll check my mail shortly.

fenome2298d ago

I'm staying at my girlfriends house right now, but I listed my address on the website. Definitely gonna have to check my mail soon. Can't wait till this game ships!

I wish they would drop the release date and let retailers sell it early like they did with Killzone, that'd be F*n epic!

Especially since I've got all week off till next Wednesday, this week is already going so slow and this is only day 2 out of 9 days off! Not complaining mind you, it's just that the wait for this game is killing me!

I just re-downloaded Infamous 2, so I can play through it again while I wait..

Longshot282298d ago

Got mine in the mail today, pretty trippy. the scent/audio combination test will mess with your head.

Ethereal2298d ago

Got mine today as well.

OutcastMosquito2298d ago

Is this available in Canada?