InFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4 - Special Editions Unboxing

Nath unboxes the special edition and collector's edition of InFAMOUS: Second Son, only on PlayStation 4.

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Abash2310d ago

Must not look at this, I'll be unboxing it myself in just 3 days!

JoGam2310d ago

I'm confused, I live in the US and on I ordered the Collectors edition at $79.99. Is that the version that comes with the Vest because it also have the buttons and beanie?

AKissFromDaddy2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I don't think so. The US and Europe versions are different. The US version has the beanie but I don't believe it has the vest.

-Foxtrot2310d ago

The only thing which ruins this collectors edition is the lack of a Steelbook. I think every CE these days should have one

The hand print design is awesome but on a normal game box with the blue banner it looks horrible. Imagine that hand print on a steelbook and the hand is embossed.

Adexus2310d ago

That would look awesome!

Also got to say I'm glad I didn't pre-order the special edition, I hate it when they come without proper cases and they're just made of paper like the Batman Arkham Asylum and The Last Of Us Collectors Editions, doesn't look right on a shelf.

-Foxtrot2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I know right...I had to buy both the US collectors edition (thanks again ND for not releasing it over here) which included a lovely steelbook but the UK one didn't even have a case.

Steelbooks are more likely to stop people from tading their games in as they could possibly be worth something in the they look better on your shelf.

Lets say for example that Rockstar released a PS4/Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V or Sony releases a PS4 version of the Last of Us. If I wanted to re-buy it them I could easily replace the disc in the Steelbook since the majority of them don't have a PS3/Xbox 360 logo printed on them. You basically have a lovely steelbook case you can keep on re using if they ever release an updated version of the game....hell most of them have two disc slots in them so you can keep two versions of the game, maybe one could be a soundtrack who knows....the fact is they are pretty damn special if done right.

Oh and they last longer. I still have my Resident Evil 4 steelbook and it looks brand new.

The best thing you can do though if your country dosen't get a steelbook release or you miss out on one, go on Ebay and look up an empty steelbook case. They should be pretty cheap as most people don't seem to care for them (for whatever reason), then once you get it use that to hold your disc instead.

I've done it for Batman Arkham City, Dishonoured (German release but nothing to indicate it's German), Tomb Raider (US I think), Skyrim (another German release) and Uncharted 3 (US)...they all look much better in my DVD tower

The only nit pick about some of them is that they differ in sizes, some of them are huge while others are smaller.

Magnes2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I am bummed as well I do love my Infamous 2 Cole statue and backpack better than this offering.

Adexus2310d ago

Good call on ebaying them, I shall take a look! I can't say I'd be too bothered about the different sizes either, they'll still look very good.

Bathyj2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I actually don't like steel books, but I hate those stupid cardboard covers even more. They're so cheap. Why do they give that crap with a collector's
or special edition?

I almost don't want to get it now, I'm paying am extra 20 or so dollars just to get the Cole DLC, and they give you that Crappy cover.

At least I'm getting a Delsin Sackboy keyring with it.

JackVagina2310d ago

poor collectors editions, id rather a steelbook or statue

Kinger89382310d ago

I agree, im not usually one for collectors editio s as most of the stuff seems like tat to me, and this is no different

I would say the special one is better than collectors just because of the steel case

Sharius2310d ago

damn i want that collector edition

muttsurini2309d ago

It would be better if they mAde the bonnet yellow and the second son mark written on it.

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