Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review (God is a Geek)

Posted by Dan Naylor

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: Ground Zeroes is short. Demo short. My first playthrough, including mistakes, deaths and cutscenes (and there were a few), came to an end in just over an hour. But what an hour.

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Deios2302d ago

I'll buy it when it hits $10.

silkrevolver2302d ago

I really love it - and it has me really excited for Phantom Pain.

But yes... it should be $10.

Also - Pixar just announced The Incredibles 2!
Just wanted to spread the word because I'm so damn excited!

solidt122301d ago

I say $15-$20 bucks. But I'm a Metal Gear Nut and got it today for $30. It is a good intro to what to expect from Phantom Pain. I am so excited for phantom pain after playing this game. I am about to do a second play through now.

solidt122301d ago

oh make sure you wait until after the credits before you turn off the game. more story. and I didn't know there are 4 or 5 more missions after you complete Ground Zeros. It's worth a purchase.

GW2122302d ago

I bought it for $30. Should be $20. Still a really cool game with great gameplay and graphics. Not a full-length game but, given that it's half the cost of a full-length game, I can deal.

solidt122301d ago

the graphics are incredible in this game.

MGRogue20172301d ago

Everyone who has pre-ordered MGS V: The Phantom Pain for any platform should be given access to MGS V: Ground Zeroes free of charge.