Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Launch Trailer

The Launch Trailer of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

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AgentSmithPS41702d ago

Give me a D3 PS4 release date or give me death.

M_Adkins1702d ago

Soon I hope. One of the reasons I picked up the ps4. Plus I'm going to make my wife co-op with me!!!

parentoftheyear1702d ago

Ya I played the pc version for a year and got sick of the scrap. This will fix a lot of my issues but waiting for ps4 now. Can't waitttt.

Mister_V1702d ago

I don't know. Put D3 aside a while ago, but this looks like it's worth a revisit. $40 though? Doesn't make it an easy choice.

Farsendor11702d ago

whenever the ps4 version releases we get the full game plus expansion in one package.

styferion1702d ago

you can try the patch 2.0 without buying expansion though, the smart loot system and huge class rebalance makes it so different than pre-patch 2.0. I'm preordering RoS after playing patch 2.0, it feels more like D2 more than ever.

AgentSmithPS41702d ago

Blizzard the reaper of wallets wants your money! ;)

Sokol1702d ago

C'mon Blizzard, give me a PS4 release date guys. I already put the money aside..

Can't wait :)

MrTrololo1702d ago

It funny how Diablo III is much more fun to play in consoles than in PC.

pandehz1702d ago

Lol dont kid yourself.

I have tried both.

Pc is quite different. Can you click all over the place on console? Can you re position your aim anywhere in a millisecond?

Try evading with a demon huntor and instantly aiming at a specific direction far away right after picking up a specific piece of loot in 3 second without slowing down your speed of farming.

Console version is just a regular arpg. Pc version feels quite different. Thats why the console version has dodgeroll and the camera is zoomed in instead of being more zoomed out.

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