Sonic to deliver DVD functionality to the Wii next year

Sonic Cineplayer CE DVD Navigator helps deliver movie viewing to the new-generation gaming console of Nintendo, the Wii.

Sonic Solutions today announced that Nintendo has chosen Sonic CinePlayer CE DVD Navigator to bring high-quality DVD movie viewing to a future version of the company's Wii gaming console. Nintendo plans to release this version of Wii in the latter half of 2007.

Based on the same technology trusted by Hollywood studios, CinePlayer CE DVD Navigator is a robust, software-based DVD playback engine that delivers broad playback compatibility on a variety of platforms. The proven technology offers exceptional picture quality and supports all standard video and audio formats offered in the DVD specification, as well as advanced functions such as anamorphic widescreen video, motion menus, and multiple video angles.

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kingboy4448d ago

i hear the wii can`t even play cd`s ..that`s just crazy

fablex4448d ago

why do you need it? Everyone got a DVD and CD player already, why put the extra costs in it for a feature almost nobody will use?

death monk4448d ago

I have a DVD player and CD player, but the DVD player is in a different room (I'm paying rent and am a college student). It's nice to watch DVDs on my 360 in the privacy of my room.

BIadestarX4448d ago

Nintendo is always a decade behind when it comes to technology. But one thing I give to them is, they have the power to make simple things and stuff that should be given by them seem super special. Take DVD functionality for example, you would think that wii would have this built in considering the fact that a standalone dvd player cost like $50. and it would cost them like $10 to add it. Instead they do a completely new product with it. and make people buy a completely new console if they want it. Now Nintendo always do this with their product (i.e. 10 version of Gameboy, 2-4 version of the DS) now all these product do the same thing, but differ in color, shape, etc. That's Nintendo makes money. They are smart as hell.