Top 5 Holy Sh*t Titanfall Moments...#2 Can't be Done in Any Other FPS

"Crazy sh*t happens in Titanfall. Here's five such moments."

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StillGray2301d ago

I can't get enough of this game. Having a Titan drop on another Titan just makes my day.

GarrusVakarian2301d ago

Number 2 is just so awesome. Seriously, a large part of the appeal of this game for me is that free running....such a good decision to include that. It feels great when you string together a series of wall runs like that.

gameseveryday2301d ago

Nothing beats a Titan drop on another Titan moment.

jasonc12132301d ago

This game brings me great joy.

ThePope2301d ago

I love when the chick/robot say Titan incoming

IcicleTrepan2301d ago

If you have a nice subwoofer the sound of it coming in as it rips through the air is nothing short of awesome.

ThePope2301d ago

I have a DTS 5.1 Harmon Kardon setup, and its incredible.

kewlkat0072301d ago

I do this all the time on

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The story is too old to be commented.