The Gamers Progress | 'Ground Zeroes' is an introduction to a new vision

'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' is Hideo Kojima's attempt to introduces PlayStation gamers to what he hopes is would be a new direction for the series. Its going to be a long time before 'The Phantom Pain' is released while Kojima really wants to show the gaming world the new chapter in Big Boss's story.

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stanr2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Despite all the bad PR and rumors, this is not a $30 demo but an introduction to the series new direction. Unlike some game series, Kojima prefers to out due himself with each new game and this is just a taste of what to expect with 'Phantom Pain'.

rdgneoz32307d ago

Yah... When someone can no kill no alarm speed run the main mission in 10 minutes, it's a $30 demo. It does look good, but hopefully the new direction is not gouging fans. We already have day 1 / disc locked DLC these days, we don't the intro mission being sold for $30.

UnwanteDreamz2307d ago

Speak for yourself fool. If people want to support this your just gonna have to live with it.

Akuma2K2307d ago

Agreed as well....people who are expecting this to be full game obviously don't understand the meaning of the word prologue or prequel, which is what this game is to get gamers use to the brand new open world gameplay and prepare us for the main game phantom pain next year. Regardless of the price or length of the game any true metal gear solid fan would pick this game up without thinking twice, there's no way in the world i'm waiting until next year to play a new metal gear solid game in this next gen.

Salooh2307d ago

It's short but i'm still enjoying it. It's definitely worth it if you will do everything in the game. And it's a taste of what we will get :P ..

3-4-52307d ago

If Halo or Super Mario did this would you guys still feel the same ?

stanr2307d ago

Personally I'm not a Halo fan so I wouldn't know however if Microsoft were to do this for the next game and fans were defending it I would totally understand.

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Ron662307d ago

A new vision where Ubisoft, Rocksteady etc will charge us $30 for a pathetic 1hour demo. Wake up kids. Boycott this,Or this will be a norm in the near future if you keep buying. I will not buy this, i will wait for Phantom Pain.

SteamPowered2307d ago

Absolutely right Ron. Its like they released the DLC before the game.

IamHaru2307d ago

I'm not totally against this. We are already quite spoiled as gamers and let's be honest, I spent $60 on one round of shots at the bar this past weekend, so $30 for MGS goodness is totally fine with me!

inmusicutrust2307d ago

You can buy a movie for 20 which gives you 2 hours of entertainment. Ground zeroes is the same price but gives you 6-10 hours of interactive entertainment. I agree with you. For a top notch high quality game its completely fair.

DawnOfDon2307d ago

I would bet that they will through this into the full game as the opening. I agree people should not buy this, if they do more developers will do the same, when they could just add it on to the damn game

Aleithian2307d ago

As with MGS:GZ, you have the option not to buy this sort of product from other companies. The entire argument from the slippery slope fails to acknowledge that consumers have the option not to purchase these sorts of products. Whenever fans of MGS, such as myself, are asked on this forum why we are paying $30 for this, we all give the same reasons: we are fans of the series, we want to support Kojima; we are thankful that Kojima has given us so much entertainment in the past; we are excited for this new installment; we will get far more than "10 minutes" of gameplay out of the thing; and $30 is the cost of a trip to the movies which gives 1.5 hours entertainment, whereas this gives fans far more than that.

No games company forces you or coerces you to buy their product. The value of the product is determined not by some objective standard of measurement, nor even by its relationship to other products on the market, but by the marginal utility of the consumers. Konami sets a price, and we make our decisions as to the product's value. If there are many of us out there who value the product enough to pay $30 for it, then it will sell. If not, then it won't. YOU might not consider this to be worth $30, but many of us do. Perhaps, after playing it, we will reconsider. But we are willing to give Kojima a shot. What other companies and consumers do is irrelevant.

GamingSinceThe80s2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

This is still cheaper then what they did in the past.Making everyone buy Zone of the Enders most didn't want just to get a demo for MG.I don't think we have to worry about this becoming the norm.MG is one of the only games that could do something like this. Because it is just that good!Plus other then rereleases, MG is one of the least milked game series.PS1,MGS1,PS2,MGS2,MGS3, PS3,MGS4 and PS4 MGS5GZ,MGPP will likely be the only ones this gen besides maybe a Vita game.All I'm trying to say is it's hard for me to feel very taken advantage off.This guy has always over delivered on quality and innovation.And I already morn the day he retires.

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cfc782307d ago

The only vision is the 1 to rip gamers off at every given opportunity , why should we pay twice for 1 game.

George Sears2307d ago

You don't have to pay twice. Simply wait for the the Phantom Pain to show up. I don't see what's so hard to understand. And it's not like this is anything new. GT5 Prologue was just that, a Prologue to the main game. At the time of its release I didn't see as much bitch-ery as I'm seeing for this one.

2307d ago
George Sears2307d ago

I own GT5 Prologue as well. You might say it has more replay value for being a racing game, but a prologue game like Ground Zeroes is still the same exact practice that has been done before.

GamingSinceThe80s2307d ago

So you would rather wait another year or more to play some MG instead of getting a little taste of the future now when thing's are slow on the the next gen gaming front?

cfc782307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Iv'e an xbox 360,ps3 and an xb1 i can always find a game to play so i don't mind playing the waiting game, end of the day it's just the 1st chapter of phantom pain cut off to create hype and £££££ £ im not buying into it but to each their own. the old saying of givem an inch and they'll take a mile also comes to mind.

George Sears2307d ago

I'm getting the game. Cry more haters.

UnwanteDreamz2307d ago

I spend that much on a meal. That just turns to @#$%. Picking it up on my way home. You kids are sad.

Aleithian2307d ago

Right there with you. Freedom of choice in action.

stanr2307d ago

I'm convinced that people who are calling it a "1 hour demo" have not bothered to play it.

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