Capcom wants to sell 740.000 Lost Planet copies worldwide

Next year Capcom's second Xbox 360 title will be in stores. A demo of Lost Planet has been on Xbox 360 Live Marketplace for a long time now, and it has made a very positive impression.

Capcom today announced that it tends to sell 740.000 copies of the game worldwide, which should be really easy if you ask me...

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shotty4450d ago

Ya, it should. Dead rising sold 500 000 in 2 weeks and that was when the xbox 360 install base was around 5 million. By the time Lost Planet shows up it should be past 10 million.

testerg354450d ago

I believe it was 1mil worldwide for Dead Rising and Lost Planet has a lot more hype.

THAMMER14450d ago

So far 8 out of 10 of my friends and family who are 360 owners are getting this game day one. I wonder if they have a Co-op game like Gears.

BoneMagnus4450d ago

Should like this game as well. Their target is certainly realistic, if not conservative - assuming the final game lives up to what we've seen on the demo.

PS360WII4450d ago

looks fun. them bosses are going to be the annoying part me thinks

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The story is too old to be commented.