Wal-Mart Wants Your Used Video Games

Starting next week, the world's largest retailer will allow shoppers to trade in used videogames for anything from groceries to gadgets across 3,100 of its stores. Customers will receive gift cards ranging from a few dollars to more than $35, based on the value of the games they turn in. Those cards can be redeemed in stores and online.

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Starbucks_Fan3771d ago

I would not buy used games from Walmart.

thorstein3771d ago

I would not buy anything from Walmart. Filthy company that they are.

If EA is the "Worst Company in America" then Walmart must be the "Most Extraordinarily, Degenerate, Retrogressive Company in America"

randomass1713771d ago

How much would they pay me for them though?

Vegamyster3771d ago

"Customers will receive gift cards ranging from a few dollars to more than $35, based on the value of the games they turn in. Those cards can be redeemed in stores and online."

randomass1713771d ago

Well that would be kind of crappy, wouldn't it?

Remy_S3771d ago

I hate the used game market, all it does is canabalize the sales of new games and hurt developers.

2pacalypsenow3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Yes they should outlaw every trade in ,cars, houses,games,movies etc make everyone buy only new /S

SilentNegotiator3771d ago

And keep publishers from monopolizing price.

sovietsoldier3771d ago

i can only imagine the long line i would have to stand in if i wanted to trade some in.

Orpheo3771d ago

Wooow, GameStop is DONE!

Wal-Mart open 24 hours, will probably give more for trades, and the biggest deal... you can use the money on ANYTHING in the store or online.

Dooode, GS is going out of business.

randomass1713771d ago

I dislike Gamestop as much as the next guy, but it's never right to cheer for a company going out of business. We're talking about a lot of people suddenly being out of a job, many of them decent and honest workers. Gamestop has its share of crappy employees but many of them are nice people who don't deserve to be laid off.

Orpheo3770d ago

I'm not cheering for GameStop going out of business, I'm shocked that Wal-Mart entered the arena. I never saw this happening, it makes sense to be sure, but I was blown away when I read the announcement.


Get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $24.99

Get EA Play, over 100 AAA games available, free games every month, free perks on games, and more with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $24.99.

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MadLad960d ago

The amount of quality games you get with the service is insane. Especially on Xbox, where there's a bunch of past gen titles. Everything there for you to download. No need to stream, unless you want to. Definitely the best gaming service on the market; especially for a console gamer.

As a PC guy, I'll happily admit that. I wish they found a way to have access to the 360/original Xbox titles without streaming, but it is what it is.

EnViiDisnuCCa960d ago

I brought a whole year n only spent 100 dollars

Brazz960d ago

"only" $100... many are still paying 2$/month and enjoying gamepass. Atm, 100$/year is a bad deal, imho.

GoodGuy09960d ago

I mean it depends. New, fairly new, and ofc all of mcsfts first party AAA games make it on gamepass. Really though you should just buy a single month for specific games you want to play and then once your done with those games, go ahead and cancel.

dantesparda960d ago

I love how people talk about how great Game pass is when its $180 a yr (which is the one I'd be interested in) or $120 a yr for it with XBL (WHICH IT NEEDS!) was is not cheap!j. When I was averaging like $30 a yr for XBL. And I also dont like how the games are rotated out.

tbagmonster960d ago

look for deals, they are out there, you dont have to pay the full 180, im set for 4 years with ultimate for that price basically. its a steal, if they release 4 good exclsuives a year it more then pays for it and everything else is a icing on the cake and theres a lot to play with, over 350 games to choose from

dbcoops960d ago

Whats really funny is how "good" it supposedly is yet all you ever hear people say is that they'll repeatedly cancel and re-sub later if something they like comes a long. Doesn't sound like that great of a service if you're frequently canceling and re-subbing. Also trying to convince people they're going to get to do that for a dollar forever is ridiculous.

MadLad960d ago


That's what happens when you believe all the internet try hards and associate that with an entire install base.

If you believed everything people said on the internet, half of the people here on N4G would all have a series X/PS5 since launch, and are running 3080ti on their PC.

At the end of the day, if you need to create a new gmail account every month just to circumvent a $10 - 15 monthly fee for new games, you probably shouldn't be gaming. I'm going to assume that's a vast minority though. Like Netflix I'm sure the majority just subscribe and let it do its thing.

To address the narrative you're trying to create though, people circumventing the system says nothing about the quality of the system. It just shows you how cheap people can be, if anything. Though, again, I think you're attributing the actions of a minority to the whole.

MadLad960d ago

Xbox Live didn't give you day one 1st party releases. Same as 3rd party games, as well as those that released just a few months prior.
It also didn't allow you to stream games on almost anything with an internet connection.

There's a bit of a difference there.

hollabox960d ago

You're a fool if you're paying $180 a year. I've routinely gotten 3 months XBOX Ultimate for $20-30. It just depends on the time or major titles releases. I have almost 3 years worth and I don't think I've spent more than $200. I'm good until August of 2024 on both PC and Xbox. Last year CD Keys were selling 3 months of Ultimate for $20 each. The 1 month was under $10 so I snagged a few of those. All said and done I added over two years in addition to my 1 year after I converted Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass.

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CaptainHenry916960d ago

You can even use gamepass on the Ipad

roadkillers960d ago

Can you still get the three years for $181?