Only A Third Of Players Finish The Games They Start, According to GDC Conference

According to GDC only a third of players finish the titles they start , even the most story driven games

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Ezz20132303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

i finish all my games and even repeat them if i like them alot

GDC can go away with this BS

jackanderson19852303d ago

so because you do it it's fact of life while they've numbers and stats backing them up?

not everyone completes games, i know i've a ton of unfinished games i'm clearing through at the moment and i doubt if i'll ever get to them all (bit of a game hoarder)

Ezz20132303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

i understand your point
but this poll didn't have amazing numbers of gamers to begin with
we have miliions and millions of gamers who buy consoles
do you really think that most of those gamers buy games only to never finish it ?!

even you said you are trying to finish your unfinished games
so you will finish them sooner or later

are you getting my point ?!

annus2303d ago


Did you just use the fact that someone hasn't finished their games to suggest that everyone does in fact finish games? Do you understand that point is agreeing with the fact that some people don't finish all their games?

ZodTheRipper2303d ago

I finish all REALLY good games, I don't finish half-assed crap.
=> Developers should aim for quality instead of high playtime if they want to make me finish their stuff. Don't put repetitive missions or unnecessary backtracking into your games to artifically increase the playtim then more people will finish more games because they stay entertained until the end.

randomass1712303d ago


It's a poll. It shows that there are people (who are not like you) who play games differently. It's not trying to say all gamers are like that, it just shows a lot of the gamers that went to GDC don't really finish their games. Take a cheel peel.

Robochobo2303d ago

All you have to do is go on Steam and look at the achievement stats to see that this is true. I see nothing wrong here.

Bundi2303d ago

I know right, if only they had said that only a third of gamers finished games and not all gamers do not finish games ...oh wait that's exactly what they said so why don't you chill the flip down and count yourself as part of the third?!

-EvoAnubis-2303d ago

"do you really think that most of those gamers buy games only to never finish it ?!"

Absolutely. I know that we tend to forget because we kind of surround ourselves with each other, but I think you have to remember that the vast and overwhelming majority of gamers just aren't the hardcore that we are. There are far more gamers who get a game, spend a few hours or so playing it, and then rarely touch it again than there are of us.

If you have a PS4 and gamed on the PS3 last generation, you can even see it for yourself. Boot up your PS4 and look at the trophies you got for beating games, and then look at the percentage of other people who've played that game who also have that trophy. Most of them I've seen sat between 40-47%, a few higher and a LOT of them lower.

fenome2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Not trying to be a dick Ezz2013, but be real, you've got your PSN name on here:

Truth is, some games are just crap, and some don't hold certain peoples attention. If they wanna do do real surveys why don't they just do what I just did? They'd rather waste money on 'research' and find the answers that suit them?

Instead of conducting this 'research', why don't they try investing their time and money into making a game worth playing all the way through? I'm sick of statistics, I'd rather be wowed.

Sorry for using you to prove a point Ezz2013, here's mine to show I'm not a poor sport:

Damn, that looks horrible! lol
I'm not a trophy hunter, and there are a ton of games I don't play all the way through. The ones I do play all the way through are the same ones I'll still play through again 5 years from now. That's the difference quality, not quantity.
Nobody finishes everything though (except Hakoom, and that dude who just got 1000000 gamerscore).

PoSTedUP2303d ago

but im sure trophies have nothing to do with completing a game most of the time. i finish almost all of my games (unless i lose the save) and i dont care about trophies, i have like 2 gold, a few silver and a crap load of bronze. just saying. the 1/3rd stat is prob true tho.

Ezz20132303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

it's ok
i know you don't mean any thing

but i have 2 ps3's
fat and slim and this PSN belong to my ps3 slim
expect for Dark souls 2 which i will play as soon as i finish Yaiba Ninja Z
those few games you see unfinished there are already finished on my fat ps3 which i don't have an account on it
and that other console have tons of games as well i finished
and i'm not trophy hunter too
i hate trophies in fact
i just play the games because i just enjoy it


same here

fenome2303d ago

Good point PoSTedUP, I didn't think about that..

I wasn't trying to put anybody on blast, I'd delete that comment if I could..

Ezz20132303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Dark souls II and lego movie:the video game
are the games i'm going to finish next
and don't worry about it @fenome
it's cool

PoSTedUP2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

no doubt fenome, its all good. like if someone has 0 trophies for a game, that means they probably didnt even attempt to play it bc you almost always get a bronze trophy in the beginning of every game for doing Something stupid, lol. *walks three feet* Baby Steps trophy aquired : ). im like "wooh, my trophy collection is banging on all cylinders, now!"

@Ezz, cool, use to love the lego games. im working on Grandia atm. just playing KZmercs online and building my level in LBPvita/playing other's levels. just taking it easy. still didnt get msg, but you know how thatll go, hah.

fenome2303d ago


You guys are cool. lol

Dude, Ezz, I'm hella jelly you've got Dark Souls II. I've been wantin' that, but I spent my limit on the collectors edition of Infamous SS, which I'm impatiently waiting for now. I won't be able to get Dark Souls for a week or two..that's another one I can't wait to play.

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killswitchmad2303d ago

I actually finish very few games, time constraints and newer games tend to move my focus. I may eventually get back to some of the games months down the line but I would say 50-60% just tend to sit half finished

assdan2303d ago

this honestly doesn't surprise me. I, personally, complete almost every game I get (there's one or two exceptions), but look at ps4 trophy stats. It's actually a really cool feature. It shows you what percent of people have gotten every trophy who own the game. When I beat AC4, only about 26% of owners had that trophy. I think it's sad most people don't, but not that big of a surprise.

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UnwanteDreamz2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

List the best games you haven't finished. Mine are the first season of the walking dead, GTA5, Skyrim, and Demon Souls.

-EvoAnubis-2303d ago

Count me in for Skyrim and Demon Souls. Add the first Mass Effect, Dragon's Dogma, Dead Space 2, Darksiders 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and both Borderlands games.

And trust me, you NEED to finish season one of TWD.

Yui_Suzumiya2303d ago

Didn't finish these because they were too difficult -

Demon's Souls
Mirror's Edge
Devil May Cry 4
God of War
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy XIII
No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Didn't finish because of boredom or glitches -

Dragon Age Origins
The Elder Scrolls IV
God of War II
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Silent Hill: Downpour
Far Cry 2

Games I wanna finish -

Tomb Raider
The Walking Dead
Persona 3 FES

Shad0wRunner2303d ago

That's a pretty sad fact, to be honest.

I finish every game I buy...and I never buy a game I dont intend to finish. I may not get every trophy there is...but I damn well play it until I see credits roll on my screen. LOL.

I dont understand why people would do this. Difficulty? There is no game "too hard" that you cant beat, with a little practice and persistence. Bored? Did you really give the game a chance, before you decided you was bored with it?

People are weird. o_O

fenome2303d ago

I've bought games that didn't hold my attention, or turned out to be something different than I was hoping for. I don't finish a game I don't enjoy, I count it as a loss and move along, better luck next time.

Just because I spent money at a nice restaraunt doesn't mean I'm gonna finish everything on my plate if the food sucks.

ElementX2303d ago

I maybe finish a handful of games per year. I eventually lose interest or something new comes out.

mike32UK2303d ago

The only game I've ever purchased and not finished was Dead Island, absolute mindless trash of a game!

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