Fast Facts about inFamous: Second Son (tech details)

Vgleaks :

"inFamous: Second Son it’s a product with a high tech technology treatment:

- 11,000: Number of ‘ashbit’ particles Delsin shatters into during a single smoke dash through the air. Each particle is individually textured (including the custom jacket!), before reforming!

- 75: Number of high-resolution scanned poses of Troy Baker’s face that were needed to train our performance capture system to produce Delsin’s facial animations. Troy had 168 tracked markers placed on his face and his head mesh resulted in 22,321 separate vertices (not counting his eyes, lashes, or beanie) that were used for various in-game animations.

- 32 machines are used in the render farmthat computed all the reflected/ambient lighting in the game."

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Walker2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

67.000 polys just for the head? Is that number right? Ryse's main character is like 85.000 for the whole body.

medman2297d ago

I wonder how many polys for dat sweet, sweet, jacket!

Sevir2298d ago

His face alone is 60,000 polygons? The beanie is 7700 polygons, I wonder how much his character is all together!!! Ryse clocks in at just 85,000 for characters, if his face and beanie total nearly 70000, then Delsin must be about 120,000 polygons all together... Freakin crazy!

Game looks mind blowing

Destrania2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Game's going to be spectacular! Friday can't come soon enough.

Psychotica2298d ago

Impressive, glad I have the day off this Friday