List Of The Rumoured Xbox One Exclusives

IM PLAYIN takes a look at a few of the rumoured Xbox One exclusives.

"As a follow on from the article a few days back, I thought it might be nice to list and briefly talk about those Xbox One exclusives that have been rumoured over the past few months. There are a lot of rumours out there, so it's not the worst thing to have them all in one place! Some of these titles will be mere here-say, others will be pretty much confirmed. I often find that rumours in the gaming industry sometimes hide an element of truth. It might not be that exactly what's being rumoured comes to threwition, but there's usually a degree of truthfulness to be found within the hype. Granted, some of these stories will be a little old. But we've not heard anything saying no as of yet, so I'm sticking with them as viable sources of rumour (if there is such a thing)"

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christocolus2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Gears 4 and Halo5 aint rumored exclusives cos we already know they are coming. I would be the happiest gamer though if MS announced Lost odysee2, Crackdown3 and Ryse2 at E3.. crytek was already talking up a sequel to ryse prior to launch and Ruffian games has been working on an unannounced about Resident evil7,i will only be interested in it only if Ms&Capcom can get shinji mikami behind it and i would prefer a new Onimusha or even Dino crisis to a new resident Evil ...the game needs a complete overhaul and should stay away from lime light for a bit.

Francis22304d ago

With Halo 5, they've not confirmed that it will actually be Halo 5 coming out. Rather it will probably be a game more like Halo: ODST. As for Gears 4, Black Tusk hasn't confirmed that it will be Gears of War 4, it could end up being a prequel or even a game more like Gears of War: Judgment. There will be a new Halo or Gears, but whether it's a step forward in the series is another matter. The other games look incredible. Really hoping for another Ryse too!

Zuperman2303d ago

Halo 5
Halo 6
Halo 7

Gears Of War 5
Gears Of War 6
Gears Of War 7

Forza 5
Forza 6
Forza 7

Titanfall 2.. oh wait, it's coming to PS4 because ea wants what's best for business.

StealthPandemic2303d ago

@Zuperman, wouldn't that be PC since EA "wants the best for business"?

Paulie_gualtieri2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

PS < PC < Xbox

As far as what EA should be catering to.

mwjw6962303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

@Zeldass I wander what game just came out that would make the player count drop for PC and Xbox one???

Ill give you a hint: Stand By for .........!

TekoIie2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )


So they should focus on PS3/4 over PC even though PC in Q1 2014 made EA more money than consoles:

Go to slide 7.

Paulie_gualtieri2303d ago

@MJ the xbox userbase is always significantly lower.Long before titanfall released lol

Yes, they should.Not saying drop PC support obviously but they're neck and neck for Q1 2014, a few months into this gen.

Look at slide 8 for example.See that massive YOY growth in comparison? Imagine what that will be like in 12 months time.

TekoIie2303d ago


Did you look at the color coding for slide 8? Its revenue by type not platform...

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malokevi2303d ago

People always seem to forget Class 4 from Undead Labs, which is near the top of my most anticipated unannounced titles.

avengers19782302d ago

Most of the list is likely exclusive to MS because there MS franchises, but RE7 and FALLOUT will be multiplat that's for sure.

Ryse didn't sell that well it may not get a sequel
Crackdown 2 was crap, so they better make 3 a lot better if they want it to sell well.
Black tusk is unproven they may or may not be able to deliver quality only time will tell.
Halo is a given
Lost Odeyssey 2 might actually make me want an XB1, the first was a fantastic game, very well done. I always wondered why they never made a sequel on the 360

Magnus7012303d ago

Capcom isn't big into exclusives. But when they do, it leans towards Sony so you can scratch Resident Evil 7 off the list.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2303d ago

lol yeah, just like when Capcom EXCLUSIVELY released Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising: Case West, Dead Rising: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 3 all on Playstation consoles.

Oh wait...

Devin9422303d ago

Yea, like they leaned in towards Sony with Dead Rising 3

Tedakin2303d ago

Capcom is so bankrupt they'll lean towards whoever offers them the biggest check. Who has bigger checks, Sony or M$?

MasterCornholio2303d ago

Who has the largest install base?

Geoff9002303d ago


Money is what the world revolves around on...

JeffGUNZ2303d ago

@ Master

What is your point? Is the userbase going to all chip in for capcom to make a game?!

Money is everything in business. Don't be surprised to see MS shell out significant money to Respawn to make Titanfall series exclusive.

GiantEnemyCrab2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Lost Planet and Dead Rising say HI. But anything RE is going to be muliplat and same with Fallout.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2303d ago

Capcom has more exclusives on Nintendo platforms. FACT.

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Sharky2312303d ago

I feel like you could probably scratch fallout 4 off the list since the last two titles were multiplat. Resident evil 7 will be multiplat also. So get ready for halo, gears and forza again! They might throw crackdown 3 in there.

iSpeakTruth__2303d ago

Dino Crisis (recently rumored as well) and RE7 better not be exclusive

nerdman672303d ago

I dont care what console RE7 is on, as long as it is nothing at all like RE6.

2303d ago
nerdman672302d ago

@Solid Gear3 RE6 is all time my worst gaming experience ever. Great if you enjoyed it though!
It should never have been a resident evil game.
I am a huge fan and have been since the beginning, and after 4 and its amazingness, they have been very unkind to us fans

Gamer-402303d ago

Yes, only MS prepares series, Sony never.

Uncharted 1
Uncharted 2
Uncharted 3
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Uncharted 4 (Coming)

Gran Turismo 1
Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 3
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6

God of War 1
God of War 2
God of War 3
God of War Ascension
God of War: Chains of Olympus
God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Killzone 1
Killzone 2
Killzone 3
Killzone: Mercenary
Killzone: Shadow Fall

Titanfall's coming to PS4...oh wait it's official news? NO.

Just a little you are biased, just a little.

StealthPandemic2303d ago

Killzone Liberation?
Gran Turismo: Prologue?
Uncharted: Fight for Fortune

Also all the Ratchet and Clank Games?

Tedakin2303d ago

You forgot about 4 Resistance games!

xx4xx2303d ago

You forgot:

Resistance 1
Resistance 2
Resistance 3

Little Big Planet 1
Little Big Planet 2
Little Big Planet 3 (rumored development)

Infamous 2
Infamous Second Son

The Sly Cooper series
The Jak & Daxter series yeah, like Microsoft, Sony doesn't seem too reliant on franchises.

fenome2303d ago

You guys are funny, you just listed 8 different franchises that consist of a whole bunch of great games like it's a negative thing. I know it was supposed to be a comeback to someone elses lists, but c'mon, don't you guys like games? I sure as hell do.

I don't have anything against sequels as long as they are doing justice to the series. If it's a blatant cash grab then it's utter BS, but otherwise it's fine. They can see where they want to improve certain mechanics or just fine-tune the whole experience in general.

I'm in no way trying to get into this console war right now, I'm just sayin' play the games you like, F* the haters :)

chickenface2303d ago

lol they dont even realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot by naming all these ps exclusive games

they cant even name that many on their beloved console

Dmagic2303d ago

the difference being half of thoes games are psp games and some released over a decade ago nice try they had 4 gears of war games on 360 ps has never released that many sequels on one system.

Yui_Suzumiya2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Heavy Rain
Beyond: Two Souls
Heavenly Sword
Metal Gear Solid 4

fenome2303d ago

Don't forget about The Last of Us.

This is fun, I could do this all day.

gamer20132302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I love it when ignorant fan-boys get put in their place. You forgot Infamous though.

greenlantern28142297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Yeah I don't get this argument. Either way it goes Xbox or ps both companies do it, in fact all gaming devs do. Nintendo, capcom, ea, ubisoft, the list goes on.
Because isn't that what we want, every year COD sells millions, AC sells millions. But can you really get enough halo, can I really get enough uncharted no.
It only makes sense to make games they know will sell.
@fenome there is only 1 The Last of Us, unless you count DLC, which you shouldn't

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