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So much for that blood-boner, then, not that you'd be able to keep it up during the game's first major showdown, which drops to single-digit frame rates in the heat of battle. Still, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z keeps pumping out the blood, hoping to turn you on with its gory combat and vulgar attitude. Every so often, 8-year-old me--the part of me that thinks that asking everyone what word starts with "f" and ends in "u-c-k" is funny--got a kick out of Yaiba's exploits. Most of the time, however, I could only wish that Ninja Gaiden Z's striking art style had been applied to a better canvas.

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Concertoine2302d ago

Ninja Gaiden has really been in the gutter ever since Itagaki left.

NYC_Gamer2302d ago

It's sad that Team Ninja have killed one of the best hardcore hack and slashers around