Riot Shields Are Coming To Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC

Polygon just put up an article in which they report that Riot shields or two-handed ballistic shields are in fact coming to BF4 Dragon's Teeth expansion pack. Dragon's Teeth is releasing this summer.

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swishersweets200312303d ago


I think Dice ran out of ideas.

princejb1342303d ago

I think riot shield is gonna be useless in big maps. Might only work effectively in operation locker

PeaSFor2302d ago

they can have their riot shields....i will have my rpg7

swishersweets200312302d ago

pretty much that and metro with the new maps being cqc style. I just kinda find it funny they went with auto fire AA rockets on naval strike and going with riot shields for dragon when the forums filled with tons of alot cooler sounding request for weapons.

Detoxx2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Why? This is gonna be so funny to use. And it's not like its the only new thing in Dragons Teeth.

Good-Smurf2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

What's the matter with the older weapons DICE?
And we got a fucking shield over new weapons?!
I know BF4 already had tons of weapons but i can't help but feeling that DICE
are going to mess it all up very soon...

JetsFool35002303d ago

Not really it could be useful in rush

wannabe gamer2302d ago

the video says the expansion will focus on urban combat

ion6662302d ago

Its gonna be like 300 on metro and locker. "EVERYONE BLOCK THE HOT GATES!"

3-4-52302d ago

Here is how it will work:

* Against Tanks and other vehicles.

It won't do a ton, but it's meant to be used by a team member to protect others, not to run around solo with.

GutsBerserk132301d ago

anything that adds different playstyles is welcome in my book

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DavidMacDougall2303d ago

At this point aint they just copying cod?

Fishy Fingers2303d ago

I get where your going, but these are a standard piece of military equipment.

Are we suggesting no game other than COD can now use riot shields?

ELCUCO2302d ago

@David the only difference is that EA charges for this type of upgrade, when COD offers it in the standard game.

I'm done with EA nickel and diming me on BF4. Paying for extra maps is OK, I guess, but paying for weapons has always been a terrible concept. I didn't like it when Activision first did it in Blops2 either.

But too each his own, on what they want to support. EA isn't getting my money.

isa_scout2302d ago

After seeing how COD players used the riot shield I would suggest that NO game have riot shields in the MP...
Whether it's a real world piece of equipment or not it is only used by assholes that suck to much to actually use the weapons in the game.
Last thing we need in BF4 is some asshats running riot shields and C4.

EL Lanf2303d ago

Rainbow 6 had riot shields way before COD. Just sayin'. Unlike COD and BF4 though, you could use a pistol despite it being more close quarters and squad based as well as ironically being much more exposed to explosives.

Given most BF maps are pretty big and outdoors, I don't see what it'll add. Maybe it's meant to be a situational tool.

DavidMacDougall2303d ago

Its just odd, i only play big maps so i guess a shield is pointless to me, standing with my riot shield and a tank shell hits me or a heli falls on me.

The amount of nades in bf4 aswell, if there is a movement penalty your dead you'll just get spammed.

urwifeminder2303d ago

Never thought I would say this in my gaming lifetime but Dice you suck.

urwifeminder2303d ago

Oh well I am sorry oh defender of Dice , maybe you need a hurt shield to protect you from such things.

Detoxx2302d ago

Or maybe you do, troller of DICE.

urwifeminder2301d ago

Was my fav dev own all the bf series but after this crap I will be very cautious of buying one of their games, so cry it up any way you want.

daedra2303d ago

This is gonna ruin the game more, yeaaa! Just mess it up more, why not, you already drove everything to the ground

Detoxx2303d ago

I can already see 5 guys with riot shields chasing 1 guy LOL.

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