SteamWorld Dig Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Today in NA Tomorrow in EU

SteamWorld Dig will launch today in the Americas and tomorrow in Europe at the price of $9.99 in the US and 8.99€ in the EU. The game will be featured in Sony’s Spring Fever promotion on PSN with a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus members for the first week.

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Such a great game! Glad PS4 and Vita users gets to enjoy it too!

jriquelme_paraguay2309d ago

PS4 has no games they said...

parentoftheyear2309d ago

Cross buy. Exciting. Might have to get this keep me busy until friday.

3-4-52309d ago

Might get this on Vita. The only other similar game I've played like it recently would be -Miner Dig Deep-, on xbox live via 360.

higgins782309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

A great game but come on, I didn't buy my PS4 for this. Even worse I have it on my 3DS XL so the wait to justify my PS4 continues...


I forgot developers made games just for you... my bad. And why do you feel the need to justify your purchase anyway? Don't like it trade it in!

higgins782309d ago

A bit premature to trade it in don't you think? Its my fault really, I suppose I bought all the PR and propaganda Sony had been peddling in the build up to the PS4 launch, I just wished I had kept my PS3 for a good while longer. I'm relatively confident Sony will at some point make owning a PS4 feel a good choice, I just don't see it happening anytime soon.


Don't worry man, come E3 there will be enough reasons for both consoles I am sure. Hang in there!