Nintendo, Gameloft and Rovio Stars Steals The Show at The Pocket Gamer Awards 2014

The Pocket Gamer Awards 2014: Winners announced after record-breaking number of votes

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Some great titles got recognition!

2309d ago
Spikeantestor2309d ago

Good for them. Right now, anything good for Nintendo really makes me happy. The worst thing about the Wii U is its bad press and The 3DS, even though it's a huge success, is still prone to back-handed compliments ("it's great for what it is." "It's the best hand held system ever.")

More and more I feel like the only REAL game company is Nintendo.

We need at least ONE game system creator like that. I think if they ever step away it will be bad for everyone.

Spikeantestor2309d ago

Good. Anything good for Nintendo brings a smile to my face. I'm all for progressive and mature game design. The issue is that much of what comes out on the other systems doesn't count as either.

So it's good to have Nintendo. Maybe they aren't making a game with a story like Bioshock but there is nobody out there that can stand with them on consistency and brilliance of design.

Spikeantestor2309d ago

Sighhh, ignore this one, I thought the first didn't post.