RCMADIAX Offers Advice for Aspiring Wii U Indie Developers, Post-Mortem for Blok Drop U

With so many independent developers looking to the Wii U as a viable platform for their games, someone needs to be able to report back and offer guidance to the rest on what they learned from the experience. For this cause, we decided to make a new Post-Mortem series where we ask indie developers to share their experiences and what they learned throughout the development process on Wii U. Our first developer in line is Michael Aschenbrenner of RCMADIAX, who is a super guy and always great to collaborate with. He recently released Blok Drop U on the Wii U eShop.

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XiSasukeUchiha2303d ago

Nice go Wii U support. More the merrier the saying goes

gerbwmu2295d ago

I bought the game simple to help support Michael. It's not a great game but is worth the $1.99 and the guy has been all over the place trying to support himself and his game. Excited to see what the new project will turn into.