Does inFamous: Second Son Really Need Massive Marketing?

VGN author writes: So where’s all the inFamous: Second Son marketing? I know I can’t be alone when I say that the PS4’S big March game has been quiet in the marketing department. Perhaps Titanfall’s massive marketing campaign may have overshadowed the PS4 exclusive. Whatever the reason for inFamous: Second Son’s relaxed marketing, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

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Chupa-Chupa2307d ago

I have to admit, the marketing is not at levels I expected. But it will do well. But not in Japan.

techologie2307d ago

I agree. They could have done more to promote this, but it will do well eitehr way.

die_fiend2307d ago

In the UK I've seen quite a lot of adverts on TV etc...quite a bit more than I've seen of Titanfall.

I don't think it's being under-marketed and think it'll sell pretty well

ArmGunar2307d ago

inFamous copies leaked
Wonderful sreens comes directly from PS4 leaked
PS4 ad " The world's most powerful console " includes inFamous
inFamous ads in Europe (not idea in US)

Sucker Punch deserves great sales, inFamous is a good franchise which is growing with each game !

abzdine2307d ago

this series deserves success, they always step it up from an episode to another. inFamous series sold well but sales don't reflect how good this series is.
SP keep it real and don't BS gamers.

Gazondaily2307d ago

Yeah seen a few adverts for this on TV here in the UK. My bowdeh is readeh

TomShoe2307d ago

The appeal of the PS4 is all the marketing I:SS needs.

ZodTheRipper2307d ago

Core gamers know how awesome this game is but only exposure to the casuals will make it truly successful. Sony really should do more in that department.

badz1492307d ago

does it needs massive marketing? seriously, why the hell not?

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Magicite2307d ago

a definite system seller.

parentoftheyear2306d ago

Speaking of marketing checkout what I just got in the mail!!!!!

SniperControl2307d ago

It's a damn shame, from what i have seen and heard of this game, it plays and looks amazing. I know that Sony dont have the endless pit of money that MS have, but i think on the big games, Sony really need to start pushing the boat out.
I mean just look at the hype levels Titanfall achieved, some may say deserved, some may undeserved but thats another argument for another day.

Anyway, i am for one really looking forward to Second Son on Friday.

mcstorm2307d ago

Yeah this is sony's biggest downfall imo. for me infamous needs to be pushed by sony as it is not a massive IP in terms of UC level for sony and sony will carry on having great games but low sales in its big IP's unless the show off what they have.

I live in the UK and it looks like sony are now trying in the UK as there seem to be as many infamous tv adverts as Titanfall ones but it dose not show any game play.

That said it will be interesting to see how this game sells as it has not been a big hitter for the PS but if Sony can push it the right way it could be.

O its a great time to be a gamer again. DK, Titanfall, infamous and Mario Kart 8 all out in a few months of each other. I am going to have to get some serious gaming done.

SniperControl2307d ago

Interesting, i'am from the UK as well, i have only seen a handful of Second Son adverts, no where as near as that god awful TF advert.

mcstorm2307d ago

@SniperControl TBH I don't watch much tv but when I watched the football over the weekend there were quite a few infamous tv adverts on. Must just depend on what tv channels you watch.

Aceman182307d ago

Here in NYC I've seen plenty of I:SS commercials when watching my shows. I've seen them for the last 3 weeks running on syfy, AMC, Fox, CBS, and FX.

Majin Uchiha2307d ago

I've seen ton of marketing for this game,that ps4 share commercial is always playing on tv and youtube.

Fishy Fingers2307d ago

Isn't it already doing extremely well on the pre order front? The bundles are sold before they even make it on the shelves. I can't see what they stand to gain from a massive marketing push.

Bathyj2307d ago

I think the game speaks for itself.

But it couldnt hurt.

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